Now Sampling: Rogue Perfumery Part 2

Hi, everyone! Happy Wednesday! I’m here with the second part of my initial thoughts on the Rogue sample set. 40 Rogue: This one feels genuinely vintage without the contemporary edge that the other Rogues have. This is deliberate, as the 40 Rogue composition is based on 40 Love by Jean Desprez. 40 Rogue smells like … More Now Sampling: Rogue Perfumery Part 2

Now Sampling: Sylvaine Delacourte

  I’ve been wanting to smell Sylvaine Delacourte’s creations for some time now. I debated ordering the sample discovery boxes offered directly on the house’s website over the holidays, but restrained myself. Ms. Delacourte has created two collections: the Vanilla Collection and the Musk Collection. There are five individual scents in each collection, with each … More Now Sampling: Sylvaine Delacourte