Now Sampling: Rogue Perfumery Part 2

Hi, everyone!

Happy Wednesday! I’m here with the second part of my initial thoughts on the Rogue sample set.

40 Rogue: This one feels genuinely vintage without the contemporary edge that the other Rogues have. This is deliberate, as the 40 Rogue composition is based on 40 Love by Jean Desprez. 40 Rogue smells like a garden at first sniff, with fruity and green notes. There are notes of tarragon and basil, so it’s quite herbaceous. I get a nice bit of carnation coming through on my skin. And, of course, a hefty dose of textured oakmoss. There are some aldehydes, which on bounce around on my skin, and keep everything from becoming too dense or heavy. I’ve never smelled 40 Love, so this is a cool opportunity to get a feel for the real thing.

Fougère L’Aube: This one is an instantly recognizable fougère. I get plenty of lavender and a cool, metallic geranium. There’s lots of herbaceous greenery. I don’t sense much of the hay note, but I’ll have to wear it more in cooler weather. I wonder if it might come through more prominently then. Fougère L’Aube comes across as rather dry to me, which I like. It has a crackling cool edge to it, which is nice for the fougère genre. It’s a genre that can sometimes feel dated (although I personally love fougères). This one smells familiar enough as a fougère, but not dated or overdone.

Le Canotier: This is an extremely elegant and very dry vetiver. It’s blended quite cleverly with a pretty, soapy jasmine. Personally, I also get tons of bergamot from this one. I don’t know if it’s just my skin chemistry. I have a jasmine earl grey tea blend from Twinings, and that’s exactly what Le Canotier reminds me of! There’s some ambergris in the base to add some warmth and anchor this on the skin. Otherwise, I find it dry and cool-toned in nature. It’s a very intriguing composition.

Tabac Vert: This one really took me by surprise. I was expecting a somewhat heavy tobacco composition appropriate for fall/winter. Tabac Vert is delicate and elegant, with tendrils of tobacco smoke weaving their way through a soft, powdery composition. I get a black pepper spice mixed with soft jasmine. The base is an amber and wood accord, but it has a sheerness to it that lends a sophistication to the composition as a whole.

All of the Rogue scents are entirely unisex. (Indeed, all fragrance is unisex.) If you’re a woman who feels self-conscious about wearing a fougère or a tobacco fragrance, give Tabac Vert or Fougère L’Aube a try. Likewise, if you’re a guy who doesn’t typically go for sweet or vanilla scents, you might want to give Derviche a shot.

Lastly, don’t be put off by the fact that Rogue is available through Etsy. Ordering was simple and the shipping was faster than some orders I’ve placed with larger department stores. Manuel Cross is committed to pursuing his own independent view of fragrance as art. And, because he is not compliant with IFRA regulations, he can’t sell through the typical platforms that we’re used to. Personally, I think it’s cool that platforms like Etsy allow independent artists to reach their audience.

Final verdict: give the Rogue sample set a shot! You’ll be busy sniffing and testing for days on end!


The photo above was taken by me. I purchased the Rogue Perfumery Boxed Sample Set through the Rogue Etsy store. Nothing in this post was gifted.

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