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I’ve been wanting to smell Sylvaine Delacourte’s creations for some time now. I debated ordering the sample discovery boxes offered directly on the house’s website over the holidays, but restrained myself. Ms. Delacourte has created two collections: the Vanilla Collection and the Musk Collection. There are five individual scents in each collection, with each of the five scents exploring a different facet of the two raw materials.

While browsing Indigo Perfumery one day, I noticed that they carry the brand, so I chose one each from the Vanilla and Musk collections to sample!

Vahina (Vanilla Collection)

This is a vanilla scent that I would describe as yummy, without being a gourmand. In addition to vanilla, Vahina features notes of tonka, orange blossom, and osmanthus. The osmanthus in particular adds a full-bodied texture to the composition. It’s almost as though I can reach out and touch this fragrance. And yet, it’s not heavy. It’s a light and pretty composition, and it’s effortless to wear. I could easily imagine almost anyone pulling this off. I’m not considering a full bottle of Vahina (I’m supposed to be on a full bottle low-buy!) but it’s a lovely fragrance to sample and sniff.

Dovana (Musk Collection)

With Dovana, I can tell these have been composed by the same perfumer. There is a similar delicate touch to both of these scents, with Dovana being the most delicate, almost fragile. Sylvaine Delacourte says she composed this to smell like a childhood soap that she loved. Indeed, Dovana is a fresh musk. There’s also a lovely iris note, which adds just a powder puff of texture to the composition. There is supposed to be some mandarin orange and neroli as well, but I don’t get much beyond a fresh musk and powdered iris. Dovana is breathtakingly pretty in its delicate nature. However, I find it too linear. Just to try something fun, I layered it over my Narciso For Her EDT today, and the result was perfect! This might be how I use up the rest of my sample.

Overall, I’m glad to have sampled these two from the house, and I can’t wait to sniff more! I’m particularly intrigued by the sound of Helicriss from the Musk Collection. What have you all sniffed and tested from Sylvaine Delacourte?


I ordered my samples from Indigo Perfumery. The Sylvaine Delacourte Paris website offers discovery boxes of both collections.

I took the photo of my two samples.


7 thoughts on “Now Sampling: Sylvaine Delacourte

  1. I ordered both the musc and the vanilla sampler set directly from the company. I paid slightly over nine dollars for both with the exchange rate at the time. I tried them all once and then passed them on to my good friend as a gift because the presentation of both is gorgeous! (originally they were going to be stocking stuffers for my girls but they already have enough and my friend is just getting into fragrances). Of the vanillas Florentina and Helicriss were my favorite because of the powdery sweet iris in the former and the immortelle in the latter.

    1. That’s such a nice gift! I believe the boxes are 15 euro each at the moment. Maybe I will still get the discovery sets one of these days and give the vanilla one to my sister.

        1. ooo and I forgot to mention that at the time when you bought the sampler you got 20 percent off your next purchase…they have some smaller travel size as well where you can build your own coffret of 15ml bottles…from 2 or 3 to 8 bottles which is really nice if you want variety (rather than a 100ml bottle)

        2. I really like the idea of the coffret! 15 ml is a great size to travel with or carry in your purse/gym bag for every day!

  2. I tried both collections and I liked a couple of vanillas. I’m thinking about getting a small bottle of Valkyrie but I do not want anything else, and they sell only set of 4 small bottles, so I’m still thinking. Musc collection didn’t work for me though.
    I’m not sure if you know, but right now from the brand’s site you can get any bottle – full or the set – with the 30% off (code VIP30D).

    1. I have to sniff more of the musks to really get a sense of that collection. Otherwise, I think the vanillas are more to my taste right now.

      Thank you for the code! I may use it for the discovery box set!

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