Now Sampling: February 2017

Like most perfumistas, I collect fragrance samples. (I have a spreadsheet to keep track of all of them.) It would be impossible to write about every single one. And, let’s be honest, not every single scent merits an entire write-up either. But, I did a Luckyscent haul at the beginning of the year and I’d like to do a short bit about a few scents that were interesting. Hopefully, I’ll do these posts periodically throughout the year to keep track of what I’m currently testing.

Blackpepper by Comme des Garçons

I’m in a black pepper mood, what with Poivre Electrique from Atelier Cologne and now this from CdG. Luckily they are two very different takes on the same theme, and this one is perfect for the dreary winter weather we’ve been having lately. Blackpepper is a warm and rich take on a cool spice, with heavy doses of patchouli and cedar. For such deep notes, it wears very close to the skin. I really enjoy it, but this is not a huge one for sillage or longevity.

Intense Café by Montale

I will try almost anything that relates to coffee or has coffee/cafe in the name. Similar to Café Rose from Tom Ford, Intense Café is a gourmand rose scent to me. The coffee note here is mixed with vanilla, and is more like a rich vanilla latte from Starbucks than the bitter coffee note I’m looking for. Intense Café is very pretty, and very long-lasting, too. But my search for my ideal coffee fragrance continues.

Gold Leaves by Regime des Fleurs

Sometimes there just has to be a scrubber in the mix. The description and the notes for Gold Leaves sound gorgeous, including: iris, oakmoss, and cardamom essential oil — sounds interesting! On my skin, it’s a strange lily note and absolutely nothing else. It’s a scratchy, eye-watering, allergy-inducing, chemical lily. I’m sure Gold Leaves works better with other people’s skin chemistry. It’s just not for me.

Vetiver de Java by Il Profumo

This is the kind of masculine scent I love and wear for myself. The vetiver is very green, mixed with a strong cedar note. However, on my skin, this isn’t a deep smoky woody scent. It leans more green/soapy in that traditional English after-shave type of scent (all that’s missing here is the lavender note). It strikes the perfect balance for me between clean and woody, and this is going to be my transition scent as we head into spring weather.


As stated, I purchased all of these samples from Luckyscent.

Photo taken by me.

10 thoughts on “Now Sampling: February 2017

  1. Intense Cafe sounds really good…I have been craving vanilla and chocolate scents lately. What are your favorite coffee fragrances, by the way?

    I always admire those who keep spreadsheets on all of their samples, decants and full bottles….mine are just all over the place 🙂 Every once in a while I stumble upon something I had completely forgotten about…that is always a nice surprise!

    1. Intense Cafe is very pretty. You might like it if you’re craving something sweet but still elegant. My favorite coffee scent is New Haarlem from Bond No. 9 but it pulls quite sweet on me. I wish I could get more of a true black coffee note out of it.

      I only have a speadsheet for my samples and decants. I want to make sure I don’t end up with too many duplicates – especially of something I’ve already tried and didn’t care for! I’m not as organized with my full bottles, but I have less of those and they are easier to keep track of. That is a nice surprise to stumble across something. It’s old but kind of new and exciting, too.

      1. You know I just realized that one of my favorite “cheap thrills”, Noa, by Cacharel has a coffee note in it…I was looking at what I have and thinking,hmmm, I need more coffee….it is fun to explore single notes on fragrantica and see what is in some of my favorite perfumes 🙂

        I have seen Intense Cafe online for sale in decant sizes…I might just grab me one…one of these days!

        1. Does Noa have a coffee note? I remember trying Anais Anais and Noa with my French exchange student years ago! I didn’t know anything about fragrance notes then. I’ll have to hunt it down again!

          And Intense Cafe would absolutely be worth it at a sale price!

        2. Yes there is coffee in Noa! I was surprised myself to see that! There is pepper in there too if I am not mistaken so it would be something you might like.

  2. I smelled Intense Cafe before: I think I liked it but not enough to pursue a sample. Everything else is not even on my radar: may I ask you how did you happen to get these specific samples? Was it some kind of a pack, or did you research and ordered them specifically?

    1. I like that Luckyscent puts together sample packs, but this was just my own choosing! I had been wanting to try Vetiver de Java for ages but it was sold out. It was actually gone for so long I figured it wasn’t coming back. When I saw it was finally back in stock, I snapped that one up. I had also been wanting to try Blackpepper and Intense Cafe. Gold Leaves is a new release, and I added that one to my cart on an impulse after seeing the notes. Of course that one ended up being a dud for me, oh well! I do try to keep lists of scents I want to try because otherwise my sampling would be completely disorganized!

      1. I see. I can’t bring myself to buying samples from any of the decanters. From time to time I would buy something from brands’ sites or in splits but with my “success rate” with samples it’s just a complete waste of money for me.

        1. I haven’t really been buying samples either these days….my success rate is also pretty abysmal. I “assume” I would like something based on notes and/or reviews but then I don’t. My goal for this year is to test out perfumes in real life….I know that not everyone can do this due to accessibility so I can understand the importance of purchasing samples for some.

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