Now Sampling: Aftelier Perfumes

The thing I appreciate most about Mandy Aftel (and there is much to appreciate!) is that she makes natural perfume for people who truly love perfume. This is not natural perfumery for people who want to smell like a rose quartz crystal or whatever the current wellness trend is. Aftelier is all about natural perfume for people who love Shalimar and Mitsouko. The selection of samples I recently ordered really reflect that!

Fig: I love fig scents so this one is an easy like for me. It’s not a scent that conjures up emotions or deep thoughts for me. It’s just one of those nice and easy-to-love scents that I could wear on a daily basis. This is the type of scent I love to have in my collection to balance out some of the more challenging ones.

Embers & Musk: This is Aftelier’s newest release and I’m afraid it’s not suited to my skin chemistry! The pine tar is so smoky on me, it overpowers the composition. It’s beyond Zoologist Tyrannosaurus Rex levels on me. It’s just so out of balance and I don’t believe that’s what Mandy intended at all. I will give it a couple more tries in different weather just to make sure it’s not a fluke of my current body chemistry.

Sepia: This is an Aftelier that I’ve been eyeing for years now and finally took the plunge to sample it. It did not let me down! Sepia is a unique composition that is centered on a full-on indolic jasmine. There’s also a jammy strawberry and, somehow, I get a sweet caramel popcorn note! This is such a lovely and interesting composition.

Secret Garden: Even more than Sepia, this one seems to suit me all the way. It really evokes the book for me, which was a childhood favorite of mine. Secret Garden doesn’t just smell like a green and floral garden. It smells like soil, like manure, and like the old stone wall and heavy wooden door that keep the garden hidden for so many years. I may do a separate write-up for Secret Garden because it brings up a lot of details for me.


I purchased these four samples directly from Aftelier. I hope to purchase a full bottle of Secret Garden (and possibly Fig) at some point soon!

The photo of my samples was taken by me.

13 thoughts on “Now Sampling: Aftelier Perfumes

  1. Thanks for this great review!!! Three out of four is excellent!! I have tried About ten fragrances from this brand and sadly they just don’t work with my skin chemistry. For naturals my skin works better with SSS, DHS and PPC. I am glad that these work for you and I know that there’s a huge amount of fans for this brand. 😃

    1. And I also wanted to say that your photo is beautiful….it looks professional. I know I have said it before but you have a great eye

      1. It’s so funny because I take all my photos with my iphone! But I’ve gotten better at using some photo editing programs. Thank you!

    2. I remember you saying that something about Aftelier doesn’t work with your skin chemistry. It’s okay — that’s why we sample, lol!! I know you have your favorites from Dawn and Sonoma Scent Studio. If one scent or brand doesn’t work, there are always more options.

      1. Yes it is great to have so many options! And I just realized that it should be DSH.. I typed it wrong !

        1. Ha! That’s a great way to remember! I think DSH might be the name of a shipping company .😀

        2. I mean DHS is the name of the shipping company lol 😂 I am really messing this up !!!! I think I will refer to her as Dawn from here on in!!

  2. As much as I respect Mandy and her work, there are just a couple of perfumes that I might wear – nothing else that I tried works for me. But I’m glad that others find something in her line to love.

    1. Hi Julia/Undina! Mandy definitely has her super fans, and she deserves it. But the line is not for everyone, so thank goodness for samples! I had been eyeing Sepia and Secret Garden for awhile. I’m relieved they both seem to work with my body chemistry.

  3. Secret Garden sounds as if it would suit me, and I too loved the book throughout childhood. I haven’t tried any of Ms. Aftel’s scents yet.

    1. I could definitely see you getting along with Secret Garden! Please make a post and let us know your impressions if and when you do delve into the world of Aftelier!

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