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Hi everyone, I’m Caitlin! I’m in my early thirties and I’m based in the US.

Aside from loving anything scented, I’m an avid reader and writer. Updating my blog here allows me to keep up with two of my favorite things: writing and perfume. If I’m not busy smelling new scents or writing about fragrance, you can find me practicing yoga or indulging in some reality tv (my guilty pleasure).

I’ve been hooked on fragrance ever since my impossibly cool French exchange student insisted I get serious about perfume at age sixteen. She questioned why I didn’t bring any perfume over to France with me, and she & her mother gifted me a bottle of Cacharel to take back to the States.

I recently worked for the better part of two years at my local Sephora as a Fragrance Expert. I had a lot of fun working at Sephora. I loved helping people find the right fragrance for them.

**My header image photo was taken by me. Chanel No. 19 is my favorite fragrance and I love my bottles of No. 19.

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