What I Wore Last Week

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re all holding up well as we get through January.

I wore some of my favorite scents to evoke calm and a sense of renewal this past week: Tam Dao, No. 19, and Chris Rusak’s Timbre. Each of these three give me a sense of meditative calm and cerebral seriousness. On the other hand, I also kept it light with some Bath & Body Works body mist. It’s always a mix! Here’s the full round-up:

  • Monday: Serge Lutens Rousse
  • Tuesday: Chanel No. 19 EDP
  • Wednesday: Chris Rusak Timbre EDP
  • Thursday: No. 19 again
  • Friday: B&BW In the Stars
  • Saturday: Diptyque Tam Dao EDT

What did you all wear?


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

2 thoughts on “What I Wore Last Week

  1. Last year a friend sent me a selection of perfume oils, I have worn a different one each day. Some are dupes of designer perfumes and are very good. I’ve done a side by side comparison if I own the original.
    We are still in lockdown in the UK. Very soul destroying.

    1. That’s such a nice package to receive from a friend. Especially right now when we need some fun distractions!

      Things are so tough at the moment. I hope you’re able to find some small things to keep the spirits up throughout the day. Putting on my sotd is definitely one of those nice things for me.

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