Contact & Disclaimer

Contact: If you have inquiries, questions, or would like to get in touch with me simply to chat about perfume, please email me at Thank you!


Full Disclaimer: I set up this blog purely for fun. I am not affiliated with fragrance or beauty companies in any capacity. While I appreciate receiving samples, I do not advertise for specific brands or companies, and the content on this blog consists entirely of my own thoughts and opinions. I always disclose where I’ve obtained any perfume samples/full bottles for the sake of transparency, and so that others who might be interested know where to find it for themselves.

**Update: As of October 2015, I am working at my local Sephora. Practically speaking, this doesn’t change anything regarding my blog. Writing about perfume is still something I do for fun in my free time. If I cover any fragrances that are available from Sephora, it will be because I personally enjoy the scent or find it interesting enough to write about. I also write about many fragrances that aren’t available from Sephora, and I will continue to do so. As always, I will disclose where I obtain my samples and where I purchase my full bottles.

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