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I recently placed another order from the lovely DSH Perfumes. I ordered a shower gel (in Tonic, which is ginger + bergamot. It’s so invigorating and refreshing!) and a couple of samples with it. I wanted to try Je Suis la Lune in particular because it sounded like the perfect jasmine for my skin chemistry. Dawn very kindly sent a few other samples along with my order, including one of her newest releases: Au Crépuscule de Lavande.

Au Crépuscule de Lavande: This is such a different take on lavender. It’s not an aromatherapy lavender, nor is it cold or metallic. It’s actually a beautiful warm and rich composition. Funny enough, this reminds me of New Haarlem from Bond No. 9, which is one of my favorite gourmands. But, whereas New Haarlem features notes of coffee with pancakes and maple syrup, Au Crépuscule de Lavande reminds me of sipping coffee along with a buttery, flaky croissant, fresh from your local Parisian patisserie. Au Crépuscule de Lavande definitely has a warm and rich gourmand vibe, but the lavender gives it a more subtle and refined edge. It’s like the best of the gourmand genre paired with a fougère. I plan to order a larger size of this since I drained my sample vial pretty quickly!

Je Suis la Lune: Likewise, I drained this sample vial very quickly! Je Suis la Lune is a creamy and luminous jasmine. It shimmers on the skin, bright and dazzling white, just like the moon, for which it is named. Je Suis la Lune just smells like happiness. It smells happy and peaceful. I’m always on the lookout for a creamy white floral that works with my skin. I’ve been trying to make a decant of Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower (from The Perfumed Court) work for a few months now, and it just smells wrong on me. Granted, that one is tuberose and not jasmine. But I connect much more with this one. I plan to order a larger size of this for the summer!


I ordered my sample of Je Suis la Lune, while Dawn very generously included a sample of Au Crepuscule de Lavande with my order.

The photo of my samples was taken by me.

5 thoughts on “Now Sampling: DSH Perfumes

  1. These both sound amazing! I am a fan of lavender and this one sounds like a unique take on the note. My favorite DSH is Ashram but I have sampled a few others which I thought were very well done.

    1. Ah, I still have yet to sample Ashram. Dawn is so prolific and she has so many choices — it’s hard to narrow it down to a few sample options! I will keep Ashram in mind though.

      1. I agree…so many offerings! I came upon Ashram only because a friend kindly scent it to me knowing I like the smell of nag champa…..there were a few others from her Giverny collection that I also thought were quite good but I cannot remember the names….and I also tried Special Formula X which read as a white musk on my skin.

  2. This lavender scent sounds very appealing… I should remember it for the next samples order from DSH – I have at least one already planned, but take my time to come up with more – so that the shipping makes sense.

    1. It’s lovely and so appealing to wear! I’m planning to order a larger size. Like you, I’m also waiting to pick out a couple of other samples so that I can order everything at once!

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