Brand Spotlight: Chris Collins

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a zoom session with Chris Collins arranged by Tigerlily Perfumery. The event was open to anyone who wanted to sign up. There was a registration fee, and it included a discovery set with samples of his current line, plus two samples of up-coming launches. I have to thank my friend, Christina, who alerted me to this event.

It was a non-work zoom session and it was actually really fun! Chris was very personable and talkative. He is the brand founder and creative director, and he works closely with perfumers to realize his vision. He came across as very passionate and said that it sometimes brings him to tears when he and the perfumer get it right with the composition.

Tigerlily sent the sample set, which includes his current line-up.

Harlem Renaissance Collection

  • These scents are composed by Laurent Marrone

Harlem Nights: My impression is that this is a good introductory scent to Chris’ vision. It’s a boozy, rum-centric scent. There are also spices, vanilla, and patchouli to round it out. The word that comes to mind for this scent is classic.

Renaissance Man: This one is interesting and definitely not just for men. It opens with a fresh marine accord, but it’s not a calone bomb. It’s more oceanic, and the marine notes don’t last long on my skin. Renaissance turns into a yummy honey and tobacco scent, at least with my skin chemistry. It’s a touch powdery. It’s entirely unisex.

Danse Sauvage is also part of this line but it was unavailable for samples due to some covid-related delays.

Dark Romance Collection

  • These scents are composed by Nathalie Feisthauer

Autumn Rhythm: Unfortunately, this one just doesn’t work with my skin chemistry. It’s too bad because there’s a great leather accord here. There’s also some interesting texture happening, like dried leaves crunching underfoot. However, there is a dill note that smells like pickles on me. Christina mentioned it too so it’s not just me! I get a similar dill pickle effect from Marc Jacobs Decadence. If you like that one, you may be able to wear Autumn Rhythm.

Oud Galore: I am, quite frankly, tired of oud scents being everywhere. Fortunately, the oud here is not overbearing. It’s actually quite wearable, even in the summer. I really get more rose than oud. The rose leans on the fresh, green side to me. This really is a rose/oud composition for spring/summer, which is great. There aren’t many of those.

Sweet Taboo: My personal favorite of the collection. It’s a gourmand but not overbearingly sweet. There is a roast coffee note that I appreciate. I’m always looking for coffee, but I want a bitter coffee, not a sugary coffee. This comes close to what I am looking for. The cacao nibs bring an earthy and dry note to the composition. There’s green cardamom and clary sage to add a green and aromatic aspect. Then there’s a healthy dose of cinnamon to keep things on the delectable side of gourmand.

Tokyo Blue: This is the most interesting one in the collection for me. It’s also the most personal for Chris. He said it was inspired by his Dad. It’s mainly a violet leaf on me mixed with a smooth orris. Tokyo Blue is the lightest in terms of sillage, but it feels quite dense on the skin, if that makes sense. It has a weightiness to it, and maybe it’s the orris acting as a solid anchor for the composition. It’s so smooth, I just want to keep smelling it! I would be interested to smell this one on a man and see how it changes with skin chemistry.

I won’t comment on the two as-yet unreleased scents except to say they’re both nice. Chris couldn’t share the scent names or launch dates yet, so I’ll wait until we have some definitive information.

Overall, the impression I get is that this is a very classic and elegant line. (Chris is a former Ralph Lauren model, after all!) I have seen some women comment that they assumed these fragrances are only for men. From what Chris has said, and from what I’ve smelled, that’s not the case. These scents are for anyone who wants to try them.

It looks like Tigerlily still has the sample set available (and they have individual samples if you only want to test a couple of scents.)


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted. I paid the zoom registration and discovery set fee myself.

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