What I Wore Last Week

Hi, everyone! We made it through another week of 2020! I hope you’re all hanging in there.

I had sort of a random week in terms of fragrance. I was in the mood for lots of different scents: green scents, some scents I haven’t worn in awhile, and just pretty effortless scents like Belle de Jour.

  • Monday: Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Davana
  • Tuesday: Chanel Cristalle EDT
  • Wednesday: Graanmarkt 13 travel spray
  • Thursday: L’Occitane Verveine EDT
  • Friday: Dior Privée Belle de Jour
  • Saturday: Cognoscenti No. 1 Bergamot Sage

What did you wear?


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

5 thoughts on “What I Wore Last Week

  1. What a great line up! I’m trying out Amouage Beach Hut Man today, since I wore Beach Hut Woman much of the week before this past one while on vacation. I wanted to compare them. Other scents this week were Bon Parfumeur 302, Zoologist Nightingale, Hermes’ Un Jardin Sur La Lagune, Shalimar hair mist. I know I’m forgetting something! Here’s to making it through another week of 2020 …

    1. Thanks! Your line-up sounds great, too. I haven’t tried Beach Hut Man but I the reviews I see in fragrantica are pretty favorable.

  2. We’ve made it through another week…..Hurrah
    Mon Avon Celebrate
    Tues Dior J’Adore
    Wed Guerlain Mitsouko
    Thurs Another Avon Always by Oliver Cresp
    Fri guerlain Flora Cherry sia
    Sat Molinard Violette
    Sun Violette again

    1. Cheers to another week! And now we have to do it all over again 😅 Hopefully this coming week won’t be too bad.

      Love your choices! You always have the best Guerlain. And you included J’Adore too!

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