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Hi, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the US but it definitely doesn’t feel like a holiday weekend. My plans are to get out for a walk and maybe order a Starbucks iced latte, which I haven’t done in two months! Much more low-key than usual.

In fragrance news, I purchased my first full bottle of 2020: Sisley’s Eau de Campagne. Sisley had a sale back in April. I’ve never really known them to offer 20% off, so I jumped on it to purchase Eau de Campagne. It took 3 weeks to arrive due to covid precautions. I had almost forgotten about it! Fortunately, my little bottle arrived safe and sound, and I’m pleased with it! It features a stunning tomato leaf accord, and it really feels like fresh countryside air. It’s exactly what I need right now.

  • Monday & Tuesday: Fidji EDT by Guy Laroche
  • Wednesday: Eau de Campagne by Sisley
  • Thursday: Chanel Cristalle EDT
  • Friday: Timbre EDP by Chris Rusak
  • Saturday: Eau de Campagne again

What did you all wear?


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

56 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. Today I’m wearing Ed Hardy Love and Luck.
    I like the cylindrical box and the illustrations on the box.

  2. I wore Montale White Musk, because I just wanted to smell freshly laundered, but now put MKK over it for something animalic and cosy

  3. I LOVE Eau de Champagne and drained a bottle some time last year…. tomato leaf is an amazing note!! Hooray for a successful purchase!!!
    I finished mowing the lawn and post shower keeping it simple in Neroli essential oil.

    1. Eau de Campagne is lovely! I love my greens 💚

      I’m not wearing anything today but thinking about what I want to wear this week. We’re finally supposed to have really hot weather for the first time this year!

      1. Same here…super hot weather….but I think we are not far from each other ( me in upstate NY).
        Might have already mentioned that my eldest took my Brit parfum. She came yesterday and it smells so good on her. I ordered three more bottles for her ( she still hasn’t grasped the concept of reformulations and discontinuations) for birthday and Christmas presents for the near future.

        1. How nice that she was able to visit! 💛 You’re smart to order backup bottles for her. I hate the current Brit for Her formulation 😩

        2. Hmmm…..now I am wondering if I should have ordered even more back up bottles LOL 🤣
          And I love how autocorrect changed it to eau de Champagne LOL 😂

  4. No I am testing Ava Fleur. Supposed to be a primarily natural perfume. It smells like sweet tuberose. I like it.

    1. Sounds nice!

      I just went for a walk with my dad before it gets too hot out. I wore Cristalle Eau Verte. Perfect in the heat!

    1. I am sick of looking at the word corona right now, so I don’t know if I could wear it at the moment! 😂😩 I hope it smells nice!

      1. Lol!!! I am right there with you!! But I have a box in the basement of random samples and it was the first one I grabbed. Supposed to be an oud scent. Smelled pleasant enough but wore off fast.

  5. Rose oil first thing in the morning. Later will test Fidelis. I have a huge box full of random samples in the basement that need skin time. My summer project is to test all of them LOL 😆

  6. Testing Rose Royale, Hedonist Rose, Pivoine and a sample I can’t quite make out ( Spirit Piccadilly?) which is my favorite of the bunch.

  7. Rose Flash for me today! Mmm. I’m nearing the end of my “Roses de Mai Marathon” blogging, I’ve been wearing a different rose fragrance every day.

  8. I went a bit crazy testing yesterday. As things faded I tested something new. All in all about twenty samples. I am separating them into different piles to give to family and friends based on everyone’s specific tastes. I didn’t necessarily dislike any but nothing wowed me. I am kind of in a perfume slump I guess. I might just go with my homemade patchouli lotion today post shower. On the plus side my Burberry Brit backups came in. I am saving them in the basement and plan on gifting them to my daughter for her birthday and Christmas. Sorry for the long post…. it’s 1am and I am up with insomnia. Work from home is stressing me out LOL 😂

    1. Wow that is a ton of samples! Lol, we all deal with stress differently. Perfume sampling is a good way coping, I think 😂 It’s Friday so I hope you get some relaxation this weekend!

  9. It’s been very hot again today. I wanted something citrusy and light.
    I wore Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale. Longevity isn’t great but I kept re spraying.

        1. Certainly can. I’ve been looking on All Beauty sale today, can’t remember how much it was !!!!!

        2. I wore 4711 fifty years ago!! I really should look to get a bottle.

  10. I’ve just had another shower and used the new Avon Her Story body lotion and topped off with the perfume on my arms. I got the set of 50mls perfume…body lotion and 10mls handbag size perfume for £12.

      1. Avon are donating over 50% of sales of Her Story to Changing Faces.A UK charity for everyone with a scar,mark or codition that makes them look different . So it’s a worthy cause.

      2. Something seems to have gone wrong with my reply so I will re send it. Maybe it will appear twice…who knows !!!
        Avon are donating over 50% from the sales of Her Story to Changing Faces. It’s a Uk charity for everyone with a scar, mark or condition that makes them look different. So it’s a worthy cause

        1. Lol, typical wordpress!!! 😂😩

          It’s definitely a worthy cause and worth leaving two comments about it 😄

    1. You reminded me that my mom was crazy about His Story. She wore it herself. I found it relatively cheap online. Then it became discontinued and the price skyrocketed. I should have bought back ups.

      1. I’ve only got 3 samles in cute little boxes. It was a special offer, very reasonable price and free postage.
        Violet Ida…. Scherzo…Poiwdered Veil.

      2. I’ve just checked how much I paid £5 for 3 plus free postage.. What A bargain.

        1. It cerainly was. Samantha from I Scent You a Day posted about this offer on her blog. I think it was last year. Not current now though or I would buy another 3.

        2. I love her blog as well. i like that she reviews Avon. I’ve had some good bargains on her reccomendation.

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