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Hi, everyone! We’re midway through May now and I hope you’re all holding up. We had frigid temperatures here early in the week. And now it’s hot and we’re having thunderstorms. The weather is just adding to the chaos of everything!

The cold weather gave me a chance to wear my winter favorite, Burberry Brit. Later in the week, I even took a day off from wearing fragrance, just to reset my senses and my mind.

  • Monday: Burberry Brit
  • Tuesday: Belle de Jour Dior Privée
  • Wednesday: Ginger Piccante by Guerlain
  • Thursday: Honeysuckle & Davana by Jo Malone
  • Friday: no scent
  • Saturday: Geranium & Verbena by Jo Malone

What have you all been wearing?


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

27 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. Crazy weather here too in the mid Hudson region! We had snow last weekend and yesterday it was in the 70s!
    Yay for Brit! To me it’s a scent I could see myself wearing year round.
    Did you get the Belle de Jour during your last NYC visit?
    I was also commando this morning. I might spray myself with Ode for him later. My son seems to have lost interest in his fragrances since quarantine so I am going to steal some LOL 🤣

    1. I picked up Belle de Jour in 2018. I really like it but I sort of forgot about it in my collection. I didn’t wear it out and about much previously, so I’ve been trying to wear it around my apartment in lockdown.

      Hope the weather is better for you guys now!

  2. It would appear that I was AWOL all last week.I’ll just have to put it down to Lockdown mush brain !!!!
    Shalimar Souffle for me today.

    1. Hi Matty! It’s always good to see you, lockdown mush brain or not 😄 I think we’re all experiencing a bit of that.

      Shalimar Souffle is lovely!

  3. Wearing 1000 Flowers Ode , formerly known as Ode for Him but then changed because it has a female fan base too. The spices are extraordinaryly yummy in the heat, especially the cardamom.

  4. I’ve got a sample of Avon Imari Corset so I’m wearing that.I don’t know if I’ve been a bit mean with the dabber. I must try a bit more. I’ve already got the body cream so I’ll put some over the top.

      1. So do I. It’s very difficult to get the dabber out without spilling the perfume. I didnt put enough on. It’s better over the top of the body lotion.

  5. I brought all of my oils up from my basement and might go with those for a while because they bloom beautifully in warmer weather. Some are excellent dupes from Oil Perfumery and others are perfume oils of fragrances. Today I think I will wear Dame Perfumery Dark Horse. Not dark at all but rather sweet. And I can still smell the sweet musky drydown from yesterday’s Zoe on my wrist. 💜💜💜

  6. Brigitte you have reminded me that I have some oil dupes. I’m going to look for them and put some on.

    1. They were gifted to me by a friend. I have to say they are amazing!!! I have By Kilian Love which my daughter stole, Noir de Noir, Oud Wood, Amber Absolute, Amber Imperial, Roses Musk and Oud isphan and they all smell great!! I also have three or four Al Rehab and three Tauervilles.I brought them all up from the basement to encourage myself to use them.

      1. As you know I’m in the UK.Most of mine are from Perfume Parlour.They are very reasonable and have good reviews.I’ve also got a few Al Rehab oils. If I have read a perffume review and quite like the sound of it but it’s a bit spendy for my limited budget, I will see if PP do it.

        1. Yes, they are all fantastic and highly affordable. I also found a site Stateside that does EDT dupes. Might look into that because they have some pretty good selections. I too am on a tight budget 😔

        2. When I post which perfume I am wearing I always wear the real stuff, not a dupe. XXX

  7. My robe smells of Dark Horse from yesterday. Lovely.
    Later I will go for Noir de Noir Oil.

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