This is not a regularly-scheduled post

Hi, guys. As you can see, I don’t have a regular What I Wore post up this week.

It just does not feel like the right time. I’ve never used my blog as a political platform before, but I am white. That’s part of my privilege. We had a Black Lives Matter protest here in Pittsburgh yesterday, like in many US cities. The Black organizers worked hard to plan it so that people felt safe showing up. It was a peaceful demonstration for 2 – 3 hours. It was then hi-jacked by a couple of white kids, who escalated things to chaos and violence.

It’s all weighing heavily on my heart today, so I did not feel it was appropriate to do a normal weekly post.

Who knows what this next week will bring, so please stay safe, everyone! If you’d like to continue commenting about your scent of the day, you can still comment on last week’s post.

*I moderate comments here and I will not be approving any troll comments. No racist comments, no “all lives matter” here. This is not the time or place.


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