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Hi everyone! I hope you’re all adjusting and doing well as we switch over to social distancing and isolating at home. I continued to wear fragrance every day this week, even as I simply stayed in my apartment.

Aside from perfume, one thing that has helped me through this week is reading Hilary Mantel’s latest release: The Mirror & The Light. If you haven’t read Wolf Hall, I highly recommend it! Now is a good time to catch up on books and tv shows.

  • Monday: Sycomore Les Exclusifs de Chanel
  • Tuesday: Honeysuckle & Davana by Jo Malone
  • Wednesday: L’Occitane Verveine EDT
  • Thursday: Chanel Gabrielle
  • Friday: L’Occitane Verveine EDT again
  • Saturday: Ginger Piccante by Guerlain

Remember, you can continue to comment here throughout the week if you want a little bit of light chat about perfume and nice things during these tough times.

What did you wear this week?


The above photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

72 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. I’ve not been out of my house at all this week.
    Last week I wore AA’s everyday. This week I think I’ll just do a random pick.
    Today J’Adore.

    1. I went out once for a grocery run. I’ll try to limit it to one trip out this week too.

      I loved your AA week! I’m happy I wore Ginger Piccante one day to match the AA theme 😊

  2. Beautiful fragrant choices Caitlin! I need to get my nose on Ginger Piquant because everyone raves about it.
    Today I am wearing Miller Harris Cassis en Feuille, a full bottle gift from an APJ friend. It has such an uplifting tomato leaf note.
    Stay safe everyone!!
    I will continue to chime in throughout the week.

    1. So will I. I love to read what everyone is wearing. I wore Ginger Picannte in my AA week. I really like it.

    2. Thank you! And you had some lovely choices this week, too.

      I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy as well, Brigitte! 💜

  3. We made asparagus today, the first of the season. SOTD was Niki de Saint Phalle. We keep to ourselves since this week, hope it helps.

    1. Same here, just keeping to myself and staying home.

      It’s still springtime, despite what’s happening. I hope the asparagus was great!

  4. Today I layered the Cassis en Feuille with Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay…. definitely a winning springtime combination!! And it’s snowing outside LOL 🤣

    1. Oh no, I hope it stopped snowing! It’s been raining here. I wore Carven Le Parfum, which has now faded but is such a pretty jasmine.

      1. Tomorrow it will warm up and hopefully melt it all!
        I had a decant of Carven le Parfum….. it’s beautiful!!!!

    1. Oooo!! I saw that one heavily discounted a while back and was super curious about it because of the iris. How do you like it, Matty?

      1. After I’d sprayed it I went on Fragantica, it had very mixed reviews. I like it, it’s unoffesive and light.I don’t think the longevity is good, it’s fading on me now. I had a look at prices and it does seem very reasonable.It’s part of teh Embrace collection.

        1. Yes I think when I looked a while ago a full bottle was $19USD. It was the iris in the name that caught my eye LOL

        2. The Iris comes through on me.I prefer the Prada Infusions d’Iris but of course it’s a lot more expensive.

    2. I just looked this up on Fragrantica because I hadn’t heard of the periwinkle and iris one. It sounds like a lovely violet & iris scent!

      Fragrantica is also showing me some other scents in the Embrace line: Marigold and Gardenia and Green Tea & Pear Blossom. I had no idea!

      1. I had no idea about these Embrace perfumes either till I looked on Fragantica. I don’t even know where I got this from. I pulled it out because I’m doing random this week. I must have had it a long time

        1. Well, that definitely was a random choice, then! The Embrace line actually sounds cute. I’ll look out for it at TJMaxx (when they’re open again)

  5. Received a very, very early birthday package from a dear friend last night so I am testing Hiram Greens Voyage 2019. It’s lovely.

    1. That really sounds lovely!

      I haven’t yet decided what to wear yet today. I’m having a slow morning, still finishing my coffee 😄

      1. It’s Jaques Fath and it’s discontinued now. I love the bottle and the lilacl coloured inside of the box.

    1. I have worn and loved so many Avons in my lifetime. They had some real quality scents made by very talented perfumers. It’s been a while since I’ve sampled Avons because I don’t have access or an Avon lady anymore.

      1. That’s a shame. I read Samantha’s blog …I Scent You a Day. She’s a big Avon fan. I have bought on her recommendations, but wait till they are on special offer. The 3 new perfumes are very nice. I’ve got 5 samples of them. The one by M Roucel is very nice.

        1. Oh, I follow Samantha on instagram. Love her! Such a great perfume resource, plus she always has photos of her adorable cats 💛

    1. I’ve heard really good things about the Adam Levine scents! I never see them at my Marshall’s or TJMaxx though. People must be snapping them up 😄

        1. Ha that’s amazing! I’m trying not to buy anything except groceries and necessities right now, but good to know!

        2. I know what you mean about spending on perfume when we have to think about food first. Samantha reviewed it on her bblog a couple of years ago.That’s how I came to buy it.

        3. Ugh, yes, I work for a nonprofit so I’m just assuming that we’ll have to take pay cuts or potentially even layoffs in the next few months. I hope you’re doing okay!

          I will keep the Adam Levine in mind for an inexpensive treat!

        4. Yes, keep it in mind. I’m sure you’ll like it
          I’m doing ok under the circs !!!

  6. Me too…only buying food. I was very tempting by the SSS sale because of my birthday next month but I sat on my hands. Lord knows I don’t need to be buying any more perfume.

  7. Random for today…….Molinard Nirmala. A great favourite of mine X
    Hope everyone is well

    1. Did you see that interesting post on fragrantica? I thought of you as I was reading it. I had a decant of Nirmala around 2012? It really did remind me of Angel.

  8. Today I am sampling CDG Copper. Smells like a rooty iris with a metallic touch. This was my impression before reading the notes.

  9. I’m feeling a bit down today with having to stay in. So cheering myself up with Guerlain LPRN Velours. X

    1. Sending you a hug, Matty. XO XO ❤️
      I just went out and walked up and down my driveway 😁

    2. I’m sorry you’re feeling down today! I had a bad anxiety day yesterday but am feeling a little better today. I’m trying to do some yoga every day in my apartment and it’s helping a bit.

        1. Now why is Matty’s ❤️ red up top but your ❤️💙 are black? That’s odd… LOL 🤣😂

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