What I Wore This Week

Hi, everyone! We made it through another week and I’m here with my usual scent round-up. We had temperatures in the 90s this week, so I incorporated a couple of my hot weather favorites, like Geranium & Verbena and Cristalle Eau Verte. I also made sure to wear Terre d’Iris for Brigitte’s iris week! Terre d’Iris actually made a great summer scent. It’s not too overbearing, but it has great staying power on a warm day.

  • Monday: Fig Tea by Parfums de Nicolai
  • Tuesday: Geranium & Verbena by Jo Malone
  • Wednesday: Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte
  • Thursday: Chanel Gabrielle
  • Friday: Terre d’Iris by Miller Harris
  • Saturday: Vaporocindro by January Scent Project

All in all, not a bad week! What did you all wear?


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

4 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. YAY!!!! Thank you for participating in my iris week 🙂

    I received so many beautiful new scent from my APJ tribe and had much fun sampling this week. For iris week: Athalia, Irisia, Courreges Blanc, vintage no 19 EDT, Misia, Iris de Nuit and Le Sixtieme Parfum. I was also able to test again Ambrette 9 and 1957. After my workout shower I may sample Parfum Sacre.

    I might continue iris into next week and then segue into some new Carons that came my way and test two Hiram Greens and some other stragglers. After that I have several weeks of Guerlains 🙂 this is going to be a very thematic summer for me!

    1. Your iris week made me realize that I don’t own a lot of iris-centered compositions. I have quite a few with iris blended into the compositions, but not a lot where it’s the star. It’s given me something to think about!

      I bet the vintage No. 19 is just fabulous!!! 💚

      Caron and Guerlain-themed weeks sound so wonderfully decadent!

  2. i tried to use more of my Chypres, so wore some Chypre Mousse and Aromatics Elixir. But today a big dose of Full Incense for spiritual comfort

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