What I Wore This Week

Hi, everyone! I’m back with my weekly scent round-up. Since I did all Chanel last week, I tried not to wear Chanel this week just to mix things up. I think I did pretty well! We are getting to that stage of summer where the humidity is high every day. I’m trying look for all the fresh scents I can to cut through that humidity haze.

  • Monday: Tam Dao EDT by Diptyque
  • Tuesday: La Religieuse by Serge Lutens
  • Wednesday: Simone by Tocca
  • Thursday: Timbre by Chris Rusak
  • Friday: L’Eau Chic by Parfums de Nicolai
  • Saturday: Magnolia Nobile by Acqua di Parma

If you’re in the US, I hope you had a great holiday on the Fourth! And if you’re not in the US, I hope you had a great summer week!


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

8 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. Nice round up, Caitlin!!
    A fragrant friend sent me decants of her favorite powdery scents so I did a week of powder- Narsisco Poudre, Talco Delicato, MdO Musc, Rose Poudre, DSH Powder, Blanc Poudre, Boucheron EDT,Valentino Poudre, Pure eVe and Boneur de Vanille. Another good friend sent me a package as well so I got to try Ambrette 9 and Rochas Absolute. I really enjoyed everything that I sampled with my favorite being Pure eVe.
    Right now I am wearing Bryant Park which I love for the name because my high school was very close to the real place! It smells great too!
    Tomorrow I will do a week of Iris followed by a week of roses.

        1. I think I read that on APJ. The thread is moving so quickly I get lost !!! XX

        2. Haha! Yes that happens to me too when there are so many comments 😂

    1. Thank you, Brigitte!

      Your powder perfume week sounds fun! I absolutely love Narciso Poudrée. I’ll make a point to wear Terre d’Iris sometime next week to go with your iris week!

        1. And I forgot one more! Keiko Mecheri Loukoum Poudre which has an underlying fruit and almond vibe which made it really good! Now I want to try the original Loukoum.

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