May 2019: Collection Update

I’ve recently added a couple of bottles to my collection, so I thought now would be the perfect time to do another collection update post!

Fig Tea is a scent from Parfums de Nicolai that I’ve liked for several years. I first wrote about it here. I wanted to mention this scent in particular because I bought the 30 ml size for $52 from Luckyscent. I think it’s a great value for a 30 ml EdT that lasts around 5-6 hours on my skin. Compare that with $68 for Jo Malone’s 30 ml bottles! (And it’s $72 for the limited edition spring collection bottles.) I adore Jo Malone and I don’t mind the shorter wear time because I frequently re-apply. But that price point just doesn’t seem like a good value to me for an EdC concentration.

I bring all of this up just to say that, if you haven’t tried Parfums de Nicolai, I highly recommend this house! The EdT concentrations are comparable to Jo Malone (some last slightly longer than Jo Malone, some don’t. It will depend on your skin chemistry, of course.) And the Parfums de Nicolai price point is fantastic.

My other recent purchase is Tocca’s Simone, which is an effortless and easy-going kind of perfume. Can you believe that this is actually my first full bottle from Tocca? I recently learned that they discontinued my other Tocca favorite, Margaux. So I figured I should snap up Simone while I still can! I love the Tocca bottles and the ornate caps (which I removed for the photo. The cap was so heavy, it kept tipping the bottle over!)

Simone isn’t a fragrance that I would usually go for. It’s a fruit-forward scent (green apple and watermelon). The pink juice is clearly intended to appeal to a younger demographic. I normally roll my eyes at scents with such obvious marketing tactics like this. However, on the skin, Simone is simply so pretty, I can’t resist it. There is a woody undercurrent that keeps the composition anchored and gives it some staying power. What can I say? I’m not immune to pretty pink scents! I’m excited to wear this one for the summer.

Looking forward, I only see myself purchasing a 75 ml bottle of Chanel’s 1957 over the summer. I don’t have any other full bottles on my list right now. (Or, rather, I have so many full bottles that I would love, but I have to narrow it down!) I want to leave myself some leeway to purchase a bottle or two during the Fall and leading up to the holiday season. We shall see how my full bottle Low Buy continues through the second half of 2019!

Have any of you purchased new full bottles lately?


I purchased Fig Tea from Luckyscent and Simone from Nordstrom.

The photo was taken by me.

7 thoughts on “May 2019: Collection Update

  1. I love 30 ml bottles and the price of Fig Tea is really good!!
    You already know that I love the Tocca bottles! Sadly, Brigitte is also discontinued. Now I wish I had bought a backup.
    And no judgement here! I am probably twice your age but still love pretty and girly scents!!! I think it’s great to be open to wearing anything!
    Four new bottles for my birthday in April so no more new acquisitions for a while. If I were to contemplate a bottle though it would be the fig one from Kyse Perfumes….I think it’s called Ficco et Panna? Or something like that. 15 ml is something like $21 and the 30 ml I think is only $34 and the shipping is $3. Not bad for an indie line!!

    1. Oh no, so sad that Tocca discontinued Brigitte as well!! I don’t approve of these decisions, haha!

      Sometimes you just need a pretty, girly scent and that’s it. And other times I want something more “masculine” or what has been marketed as masculine.

      I love 15 ml and 30 ml bottle sizes! Very reasonable and easy to travel with! This indie brand sounds promising…

  2. Ficci et Panna…15 ml is $23 and 30 ml is $34 but I would seriously consider the 100 ml for $80 so that I can make lots of Decants for family and friends. It’s a delicious fig that dries down to a sweet creamy milk….the lovechild of Pacifica Mediterranean Fig and Jo Malone Sweet Milk.

  3. My last full bottle, I think, was Magnolia Grandiflora Michel (but I have just 15 ml of it left, I split the rest). And I bought Floraiku set. Currently I do not have anything on my “to buy” list but we’ll see, I might get some Serge Lutens’ bottles if I still find the old packaging for good price.
    Congratulations on your new bottles! Haven’t tried any of these two but both brands are well-liked.

    1. Oh how I would love to have nothing on my to buy list! 😄 Hopefully I will get to that point, not through owning too much, but through satisfaction with my collection.

      How did you like Magnolia Grandiflora Michel? I haven’t tried that edition or Sandrine’s but I typically like anything magnolia!

  4. I have a 50ml bottle of Tocca Emelia. The bottles and caps are really lovely. I think my friend has Brigitte I’ll ask her. If she has then I’ll have a spray !!

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