Of Travel (and travel sprays)

I’m taking a quick family trip to Boston this weekend, so I won’t have my usual What I Wore post up on Sunday morning. I thought I’d post this quick update instead and list my trusty travel sprays.

Do Son EDT by Diptyque

I took this one to Miami earlier in the spring. It’s a perfect pretty tuberose scent to wear in warm weather. The EDT is an inoffensive tuberose.


This one is an interesting lavender, rosemary, and patchouli composition. The patchouli is very earthy here. I love to wear this one in the evenings/at night.

Blond by Hendley

Of course I dedicated an entire post to Blond. I love it and am happy to take it with me, no matter where I’m going.


I purchased all three of these travel sprays myself, none were gifted. If you’re curious about the Graanmarkt scent, it’s available via Barney’s in the US.

The photo was taken by me.

2 thoughts on “Of Travel (and travel sprays)

  1. Safe travels!
    I was curious about that Granmarket the last time you posted about it. I will try to test it next NYC trip.
    I wore Tracy Reese all week on my neck but sampled and / or thunked dozens of samples this week!!!

    1. The Graanmarkt is interesting! It shifts between being aromatic and being very rooty and earthy. I think I’ll wear it this evening!

      Good for you for thunking a bunch of samples!

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