March 2019: Collection Update


As you may know, one of my 2019 resolutions is to be on a full bottle low buy for the year. I’m trying to acquire 7 or fewer full bottles for the year. For a non-perfume enthusiast, that would be a breeze! For those of us who love collecting, it’s more of a challenge.

There are a couple of reasons I decided to institute the low buy. Of course, I’m doing it for financial reasons. I just can’t afford to splurge on multiple full bottles this year. I have decided to allocate most of my perfume money to samples and discovery sets. I feel it’s a better use of both my money and my time when it comes to fragrance. I can use up the samples and work through my thoughts about the fragrance fairly effectively.

The other reason for my low buy has to do with the collection I already have. For the most part, I’m content with my current collection. I did an entire collection reorganization the end of 2018. If I purchase 10+ full bottles this year, I would have to reorganize again and ensure that I have space for everything. I like to keep the packaging whenever possible, including the outer boxes. This can get bulky and take up more space than I have in my apartment.

For these reasons, it just makes practical sense to be on a low buy. So, what have I purchased so far in 2019? As you can see in the photo, I bought Dark Amber & Ginger Lily from Jo Malone and a travel size of Hendley Blond. I used a Nordstrom gift card to purchase the Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, which was a big help.

I considered using the gift card to purchase a bottle of Diptyque’s 34 Blvd Saint Germain EDP but I’ve been a fan of Dark Amber & Ginger Lily for longer, and so it takes precedence. I’ll wait until next fall/winter and see if I’m still such a fan of the 34 EDP. I’m happy with my purchases so far for 2019. And I still have some leeway for spring/summer purchases!

Curating a collection can be a difficult thing. If you’re a true perfume collector, when do you feel satisfied with your collection? It’s a personal thing, and some people may never consider their collection complete. I’m at the point where I’m truly content with what I have. I don’t feel the need to be constantly looking for the next thing and get hyped about the newest release. I’m enjoying what I have and it’s a nice feeling.


I purchased my Jo Malone from Nordstrom. Interestingly, they only have the 50 ml bottle available, not the 100 ml. I purchased Hendley Blond directly from Hendley.

The photo was taken by me.