March 2019: Collection Update


As you may know, one of my 2019 resolutions is to be on a full bottle low buy for the year. I’m trying to acquire 7 or fewer full bottles for the year. For a non-perfume enthusiast, that would be a breeze! For those of us who love collecting, it’s more of a challenge.

There are a couple of reasons I decided to institute the low buy. Of course, I’m doing it for financial reasons. I just can’t afford to splurge on multiple full bottles this year. I have decided to allocate most of my perfume money to samples and discovery sets. I feel it’s a better use of both my money and my time when it comes to fragrance. I can use up the samples and work through my thoughts about the fragrance fairly effectively.

The other reason for my low buy has to do with the collection I already have. For the most part, I’m content with my current collection. I did an entire collection reorganization the end of 2018. If I purchase 10+ full bottles this year, I would have to reorganize again and ensure that I have space for everything. I like to keep the packaging whenever possible, including the outer boxes. This can get bulky and take up more space than I have in my apartment.

For these reasons, it just makes practical sense to be on a low buy. So, what have I purchased so far in 2019? As you can see in the photo, I bought Dark Amber & Ginger Lily from Jo Malone and a travel size of Hendley Blond. I used a Nordstrom gift card to purchase the Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, which was a big help.

I considered using the gift card to purchase a bottle of Diptyque’s 34 Blvd Saint Germain EDP but I’ve been a fan of Dark Amber & Ginger Lily for longer, and so it takes precedence. I’ll wait until next fall/winter and see if I’m still such a fan of the 34 EDP. I’m happy with my purchases so far for 2019. And I still have some leeway for spring/summer purchases!

Curating a collection can be a difficult thing. If you’re a true perfume collector, when do you feel satisfied with your collection? It’s a personal thing, and some people may never consider their collection complete. I’m at the point where I’m truly content with what I have. I don’t feel the need to be constantly looking for the next thing and get hyped about the newest release. I’m enjoying what I have and it’s a nice feeling.


I purchased my Jo Malone from Nordstrom. Interestingly, they only have the 50 ml bottle available, not the 100 ml. I purchased Hendley Blond directly from Hendley.

The photo was taken by me.

8 thoughts on “March 2019: Collection Update

  1. I was supposed to be on a no buy but caved and bought two bottles for my birthday next month because of discounts and price hikes. They are designated gifts from family members lol 😂
    I love how you are being mindful of what you add to your collection.

    1. Oh gosh, sticking to a complete no buy is so hard! You did well sticking it out this far. Plus, birthday perfumes are always necessary! What did you pick out? (If you don’t mind sharing)

      1. No I would LOVE to share. I bought another bottle of 1000 Flowers Reglisse Noire (because I just about drained the bottle I bought in September in less than a month due to daily wearings) and glad that I did because the prices went up yesterday! In all fairness they were significantly inexpensive for an indie brand so I understand the raising of the price. This will be the gift from the “hubs”.
        I also had a 15 percent discount so I bought a bottle of “Brigitte” from Sarah Horowitz Parfums. It was a custom blend that she made for me in 1998 and she still had the recipe on file so I jumped on it. It’s grapefruit, lilac, violet, vanilla, sandalwood and musk…it’s a really beautiful soft creamy perfume…on some days the vanilla is pronounced on other days the lilac more so (which I love because the smell of lilacs are harbingers of spring). That bottle will be a gift from the kids , although by the time my birthday comes around at the end of next month that bottle may be halfway done 😉
        The only other bottles bought were the first Reglisse Noire mentioned above and a bottle of Gap Heaven (which has been with me since 1995)…those were pretty much my only purchases in 2018 and I bought them last fall.
        I would like to hold out until Christmas before making another full bottle purchase. And in all likelihood it will be another Reglisse Noire and Brigitte and another from St. Clair Scents (not sure which one yet!)

        1. Haha, I’m so glad you wanted to share!! Those sound like perfect choices, especially for your birthday.

          The notes for Brigitte sound SO lovely. And, from getting a sense of what you wear, the composition sounds like it suits you. Sarah nailed it!

          Price increases are so tough, even when it’s an indie house and you understand why they have to do it. I’m glad you snagged a bottle when you had the chance!

        2. oh yes, it definitely suits me and it’s so perfect for’s pretty and interesting enough but also not challenging or “in your face”…I have to be very careful at work because there are a few folks who are really perfume adverse.

        3. Ag yes, it’s important to have those office friendly scents! That was one great thing about working at Sephora — we could spritz with abandon!

  2. I also keep the boxes. As the result, since my perfume shelves are tightly packed, I often choose to wear those perfumes for which I previously made small decants for traveling or to take with me to read-apply perfumes during the day. It kind of defeats the purpose of having all those nice bottles.
    I don’t have a goal to limit my perfume purchases, and for the last two years I haven’t used up the budget I set for myself for a year. But I don’t have any shelf space left (for the proper storage, and I don’t have time to wear my current collection, so I’m trying not to make the situation even worse.

    1. Making decants from your larger bottles is a smart idea! It sounds like you really take care of your larger bottles, so I don’t think it defeats the purpose. It’s all part of your collection!

      Yes, I’m in a similar situation where shelf and storage space are at a premium. And even though I love packaging and presentation, I had to get rid of some of the Jo Malone packaging because it’s easier to store the 30 ml bottles without the bulky boxes.

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