What I Wore This Week

Hi, everyone! I’m back with my weekly round-up of my scents of the day for this past week.

  • Monday: Chanel No. 5 EDT
  • Tuesday: Chanel Cristalle EDT
  • Wednesday: Terre d’Iris
  • Thursday: YSL Cinéma
  • Friday: Tendre Madeleine by Les Senteurs Gourmandes
  • Saturday: Carven Le Parfum

What did you all wear this week?

6 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. Caron pour un Homme in the morning today, now changed to Zagorsk and drinking green tea with vanilla. Have a nice sunday

    1. Oh I love Caron pour un Homme. Your green tea sounds delicious! I’m just having my morning coffee now. Hope you have a great Sunday, too!

  2. As always beautiful choices, Caitlin! I am intrigued about the Tendre Madeleine…it used to sell for a song but it is very rare now I think. Does it smell like marzipan? Also, that Cristalle looks vintage…that is my favorite Cristalle (the vintage one…I wore it in the late 70s when it was full of oakmoss!).

    I will try to remember what I wore this week without checking Australian Perfume Junkies where I usually post my SOTD…..Casablanca, Blackberry & Bay, Aloha Tiara and Brigitte (a custom scent made for me by Sarah Horowitz circa 1998).

    1. I ordered my Tendre Madeleine off of Amazon, believe it or not! This was back in 2014. It was $25 and I couldn’t pass it up. Yes, from what I understand it has become more rare now. It really mimics a baking madeleine smell! It’s very zesty citrus in the top notes, then some cinnamon, before it settles into a vanilla/almond.

      I had such a hard time tracking down Cristalle! I wanted the EDT specifically. Even the Chanel website didn’t have the size I wanted at the time. I ended up ordering this from Nordstrom. I believe it would have been in 2017. The batch is older, I’m guessing. I doubt this is one that Chanel has to produce as often as Coco Mademoiselle, for example.

      I didn’t know you had your own Sarah Horowitz scent! How lovely!! Great choices as well. Blackberry & Bay is great this time of year!

  3. Love your weekly pictures!
    Do you own and wear perfumes from decants, or do you only do bottles?

    Most of the last week I tested perfumes from the Vanilla collection of Sylvaine Delacuorte trying to decide if I want to get a bottle of 1 perfume that I really like (but it’s 100 ml!), or if there are 2 more I might want – so that I could do a split of 4 7.5 ml travel bottles. It’s much more expensive per ml but I don’t really need more than that of 1 perfume, and there’s a 30% off coupon. I tried NST’s split thread but got just 1 taker, so I’m back to thinking about just getting a FB…Decisions, decisions…

    1. Thank you, Undina!

      I do wear perfumes from decants, but I have so many bottles right now!! I’m prioritizing wearing my bottles and I’d like to finish a couple up. But I’m not at all opposed to wearing scents from larger samples or decants!

      Ah, I liked what I tested from Sylvaine Delacourte, but I’m not sure I found a full bottle love from the vanillas. I agree, the 100 ml bottles are a lot! Both in terms of money and investing your time into wearing and using up the bottle.

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