Honey Oud by Floris

Notes: honey, bergamot, patchouli, rose, oud, amber, labdanum, musk, and vanilla.

I have to confess that I’ve been growing tired of oud as a trendy note in fragrance for several years now. There are some great oud scents (I love Diptyque’s Oud Palao) but Western fragrance houses acting as though oud is some sort of new raw material — when it has been used for centuries in various different Eastern cultures — is problematic and tedious. I begin my write-up this way because it needs to be addressed, and also to say that I was not at all prepared to fall for Honey Oud.

Honey is truly the star of the show here. The honey is distinctive, pretty, and smooth. It’s edible but does not cross over into gourmand territory for me, not even with the vanilla present here. I have not smelled a honey note quite like this before: so true to honey and yet so pretty to wear. I don’t want to eat this honey but I do want to wear it as much as possible.

The oud is really a supporting player here. It supports the rose in the heart notes. The patchouli is more present to my nose. It’s dry and spiced, giving the rose a spiced edge. The honey lends the rose a smooth, almost velvety texture. I can picture drops of honey on a rose petal here, it’s so artfully done.

The dry down is mainly vanilla to my nose. It’s a smooth vanilla, with a little bolstering from the musk and amber. Again, I can’t pick out much oud by itself here. This may be a con of this fragrance to some people. If you’re really mad about oud, you may find yourself seeking more of it in this composition.

Honey Oud is definitely full bottle worthy, although perhaps not at full price. I would purchase a decant or a full bottle of this at a discount, if I could track it down reliably on ebay or fragrancenet. I find the name very “trendy” but the actual fragrance less so. Honey and vanilla? It doesn’t sound terribly exciting and, yet, the resulting composition is just plain delectable.


I ordered my sample of Honey Oud from Indigo along with my Sylvaine Delacourte and Jardins d’Ecrivains samples.

The info on notes is via fragrantica.

The photo of my sample is mine.

4 thoughts on “Honey Oud by Floris

  1. I’m one of those who usually dislikes anything “Oud” so this perfume got me by surprise also. Last year, I think, I bought it (at a good discount) and split it in the NST’s splitmeet. I still enjoy it a lot and keep feeling surprised by that 🙂

    1. Glad I’m not the only one! Honey Oud really is surprisingly nice. It’s such a pleasure to wear and I did not expect it!

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