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19-69 is a Swedish brand founded by Johan Bergelin. The line was first launched at the beauty cult favorite pharmacy, Colette, in Paris in 2017. This house has been on my radar for about six months, as I’ve seen various people on social media posting about these fragrances.

Then, I noticed that a few of the fragrances are now available online at Nordstrom. A sign that the brand might be breaking into the mainstream US beauty scene? Of course, the problem is that you can’t sample online from Nordstrom. Luckily, Twisted Lily also carries 19-69 so I ordered a couple of samples to test.


This one is going to be an absolute stunner in the high summer months. It opens with a mouth watering orange citrus note. I was all set to compare Capri to Atelier’s Orange Sanguine, but Capri really develops and comes into its own on the skin. There’s a yellow floral anchoring the heart. And there is definitely a hint of green galbanum that I am simply crazy about! It dries down to a very pleasant cloud-like musk base. I don’t see it being too heavy or overbearing for summer wear, and I’m really enjoying it in these cold mid-winter months, too! There are currently no comments about this one on fragrantica, and I expect that to change soon.

Rainbow Bar

I liked the sound of the woody, vétiver, and cypress notes listed for this one, so I also picked this up as a sample. If you’re at all into a cedar wood note, you’ll love Rainbow Bar. It feels like a base note-driven fragrance to me, in that I sense the cedar and vétiver right away, with the other notes weaving in and out. I also get some nice wear time here: about 7 hours with just my little splash sample. I’m sure you’ll get nice projection and longevity with a couple of spritzes from the full bottle. Rainbow Bar is meant to evoke the West Coast. Indeed, it reminds me of Woody Mood from Olfactive Studio, which also evokes the forests of California. I’m not considering a full bottle of Rainbow Bar for myself because Woody Mood currently fills this spot in my collection. However, it’s a quality composition and well worth sniffing, particularly for any cedar lovers!

*As of this morning, I received an email from Luckyscent announcing that 19-69 is now available there as well! So there are plenty of options for sampling this house now.


I ordered both of my 19-69 samples from Twisted Lily. I took the labels off because I spilled from both sample vials (another reason I prefer spray samples) and the label ink started smearing. These scents are different enough from each other that I can easily identify them even without the labels!

The photo of my samples was taken by me.

6 thoughts on “Now Sampling: 19-69

  1. Given my love of Orange Sanguine I think I would enjoy Capri! This house has been on my radar as well! Thank you for reviewing these two 🙂

  2. Given my love of Orange Sanguine I think i would get on with Capri. Thanks for reviewing two from this brand…it has been on my radar as well.
    (i did leave a comment before but it disappeared..if it posts twice, my apologies….wordpress has been really odd lately!)

  3. OK Maybe third time around is a charm…my two other comments disappeared-LOL!
    Capri sounds right up my alley as I love Orange Sanguine.
    Thanks for reviewing two from this brand…it has been on my radar as well.

    1. I’m sorry you’re having a frustrating time commenting! I can see all your comments though — they’re not disappearing for me! So I don’t know what’s going on 😄

      Capri is lovely!! I’ve nearly used my sample up so I may have to order another one to really enjoy it during the summer.

      1. I think it’s a wordpress thing because I am having the same issue on Australian Perfume Junkies..feel free to delete my other comment s:)

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