Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie

Notes: bergamot, green apple, black tea, oakmoss, black amber, and musk.

I first came across Vilhelm Parfumerie at Barneys in New York. I had never even read about the house online before. It’s interesting when your first experience is in person without any preconceived ideas about what scents you might enjoy or not. The Sales Associate was helpful and not pushy. She let me test a couple on the skin, and Dear Polly was my favorite. It stuck in my mind for a few months and I ended up purchasing this travel size in October of 2018.

Dear Polly opens with green notes, in bergamot and a green apple that grabs my attention every time I spritz this. The green apple is tart but bright. It really adds dimension to the composition. I think the other Vilhelm Parfumerie scent I tested on the skin was Room Service and it just couldn’t compete with this yummy green apple note.

The other signifiant note is the black tea note at the heart of the composition. I did not sense much of when I first tested Dear Polly. However, it’s one of the dominant notes now. It’s probably due to the cold weather we’re currently having. The black tea is coming across as extra smoky, and almost recalls the opening of Tea for Two. I absolutely love this aspect of the composition, and the way in which the bright apple transitions into a smoky tea note.

The one surprise is that the base is really not present on my skin right now. Again, I’m chalking this up to the exceptionally cold weather we’re having. My skin is absorbing fragrance like crazy and there just isn’t much of the musky base by hour 6 on my skin. I first tested this in humid weather while walking around Manhattan, so the oakmoss and musk were definitely more present then.

One upside is that I think Dear Polly is appropriate for year-round wear. If you’re a seasonal perfume person like me, you’ll appreciate something that wears well all year round. Of course, you’ll get different aspects of the composition depending on the time of year. As I’ve detailed here, winter will bring out a smoky, almost incense-like black tea. Summer will bring out that sharp bergamot and textured oakmoss in the base. All of these notes are yummy and work well in conjunction with each other. The green apple gives Dear Polly that unique twist to make it stand out. This one is worth sampling for sure. I have a hard time seeing anyone dislike it, unless one of the notes really plays havoc with your body chemistry. Dear Polly is the best kind of crowd-pleaser in that it’s appealing and manages to be thought-provoking, too.


I purchased the travel sized bottle from Barneys. I personally don’t like the shape of the full size bottles. If I purchase something else from this line, I’d stick with the travel bottle again.

The information on notes is from fragrantica.

The photo of my travel bottle was taken by me.

6 thoughts on “Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie

  1. This sounds really good. When I was in the NYC Saks in the summer the only one I sampled from this line was the one that most interested me because of the name- Morning Chess. But I had sampled so many fragrances that day I honestly don’t even remember if I liked it! I will have to try Dear Polly next time I see it in the wild.

    1. I was also interested in Morning Chess because of the name! But Dear Polly was the scent that spoke to me once I had it on the skin.

      It also helped that I stopped by Barney’s in the morning before I was fatigued and overwhelmed by too much perfume testing! I know what you mean about not even remembering if you liked something by the end of the day.

  2. I tried several perfumes from this line but I did it in store, just on paper strips, and the SA was too arrogant to make the experience a pleasant one – so I barely remember anything. I’m attracted to several perfumes because of their names but, same as you, I don’t like those bottles. So if I ever have enough time to test those and like any enough to want to get, it’ll be a travel spray too.

    1. Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for the bottles! They seem very bulky to store as well. Just off-putting!

      I’m sorry you got landed with an arrogant SA. That really affects your perception of the scents and the brand. Such a shame!

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