What I Wore This Week

Hi everyone! I’m back with my weekly round-up. And this week I’m back to keeping track of my scents of the day, although I will do my nighttime scents once in awhile. The weather has been absolutely frigid with the windchill, so my main goal this week was to feel as warm and cozy as possible!

  • Monday: Chanel No. 5 EDT
  • Tuesday: Floris Honey Oud
  • Wednesday: I layered Costes EDT with Mon Numéro 10
  • Thursday: Elizabeth & James Nirvana Bourbon
  • Friday: Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles
  • Saturday: Hendley Amora

And today I’m wearing No. 5 L’Eau. Thankfully, the weather is much warmer now and we’ve even gotten a bit of sunshine. Not a moment too soon, as I was starting to get a serious case of cabin fever!

What have you all been wearing this week?

15 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. Spent most of the week in 31 Rue Cambon but then my son stole it.
    The end of the week was in Phlur Hepcat which was amazing in the -6 degree cold… sweet cherry tobacco..
    At night tested Fum Perfumery, Boyd of Texas and a whole bunch of DSH including Colorado.
    Today I am in Paprika Brasil and will be all week. Doing Undina ‘s groundhog day challenge.

    1. Yumm, all of your choices sound delicious!

      I can’t wear just one scent — I just have too many and I like to mix it up! I’m going to try and wear more citrus scents this coming week. I need a little sunshine after this cold weather!

      1. The weather’s been awful by me but I think we’re getting a warm up. I love citrus in the winter… it’s a mood booster… I like Assam of India and Orange Sanguine. Also Understand Air de Bretagne is refreshing too!!

        1. Citrus is such a mood booster during winter! It’s a lifesaver. I’ll have to go through my collection and see what other citruses I currently have. I don’t own Orange Sanguine but that’s an Atelier classic!

  2. The downside of tracking my daily wear in a database is that once I recorded it, I don’t remember it any longer without looking it up, which I can do only from my laptop and not from the phone. And since I’m now on my phone, the best I can do is today’s SOTD – Amouage Memoir.

    1. Memoir is simply the best! ❤️

      I track my sotd on my phone to make writing these posts as easy as possible. I just refer back to my notes app!

      1. I looked into adapting my database to make it available from any device over a Internet but I don’t have enough knowledge of the current technologies (especially mobile) to do it myself. So for now I’ll stick to my database. I use Notepad to write down perfumes I wear or test if I don’t get to my home laptop for a couple of days – not to forget. But after I transfer that into the DB (with more details than just date and name), I delete the note.

        1. Wow, it would be really handy if your database was available over any device with internet! But it sounds like your system works well for you right now, so no harm just sticking with your database as is!

          I have a notebook that I use to actually hand write notes about samples, what I’m testing, what I want to sample in the future, etc. Hand writing something down helps me remember when I really want something to stick in my mind. Otherwise I would forget so many names of new brands and new scents (new to me anyway!).

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