What I Wore This Week: SOTN Edition

I’m back with a round-up of the scents I wore this week! As I said last week, this is a round-up of my scents of the night rather than my daytime scents. I’m not sure if it’s a more varied list than usual, but it’s something different!

  • Monday: Diptyque Volutes EDT
  • Tuesday: Guerlain Jicky extrait
  • Wednesday: samples from 19-69 Capri & Rainbow Bar
  • Thursday: Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie
  • Friday: Frost by St. Clair Scents
  • Saturday: Hotel Costes EDT

What did you all wear this week?

13 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week: SOTN Edition

  1. I LOVE these weekly round ups (Portia of Australian Perfume Junkies does something similar in Scent Diary) and am glad that you are keeping it weekly 🙂

    I spent the entire week in Natura Amor America Paramela. A good friend sent me her neglected bottle. Somehow she intuitively knew that I would love it. And lucky for me it’s a full bottle because it’s d/c. But I have also been testing and wearing other things at night (Paprika Brasil, Regina Harris and 31 Rue Cambon). I also made two essential oil blends (first one with sweet orange, rose, vanilla bean and cardamom…second one with bergamot, lavender, almond, carrot seed, labdanum, cedarwood and vanilla..it reads as a rooty iris blend) which I am also wearing at night. I really enjoy my e.o.s at night 🙂

    1. I follow Portia on instagram! Weekly works well for me, I think. I know I wouldn’t keep up with making a post every single day, but I take a photo of my sotd (or sotn) so I can just refer back to my pictures.

      How nice that your friend sent you a full bottle! 💛

      Yumm, the essential oil blends sound really interesting! Perfect for night or bedtime wear!

      I’m so glad you like these weekly posts!

    1. Hi Portia!!!! I love seeing you here!!!!! Now we have to get Caitlin over to APJ😂🤣
      And I love your new gravatar!!!!

    1. I was at Ulta this week smelling the Gucci Blooms, somewhat inspired by your mystery sample the other week! I think Nettare di Fiore was my favorite of the Bloom family.

      Santal Massoia, yummm!

  2. ODBOX is the code to get both of the Sylvania Delacourte samplers for $19 USD free shipping…they literally just sent me an email! Not sure when it expires.

      1. I just realized I should have commented in your prior post-LOL! anyway, it’s a great price because you get both sets! I highly recommend them because they really are pretty enough to give as gifts. The packaging and presentation is quite lovely.

        1. Don’t worry about it!! I knew exactly what you were referring to so it’s all good.

          Yes, that price for both sets is great! I was worried about paying 15 euro (and the exchange rate) for each set, so that’s really helpful!

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