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Notes: bergamot, mandarin yellow and green, coriander, petitgrain sur fleur, Meyer lemon, honeysuckle accord, rose geranium, elderflower absolute, petitgrain absolute, cistus, labdanum absolute, vanilla absolute, vetiver, cedar, smoke, and clove absolute.

St. Clair Scents is another independent artisanal fragrance house. I wrote about their newest scent, Casablanca, here. Diane St. Clair has a dairy farm in Vermont and, luckily for us, she also makes perfumes! The dairy farm sounds lovely and happens to be near to Robert Frost’s historic summer writing cabin. Frost the scent is based on Robert Frost’s poem To Earthward:

I had the swirl and ache

From sprays of honeysuckle

That when they’re gathered shake

Dew on the knuckle.”

To Earthward, Robert Frost

The poem is full of olfactory references like the honeysuckle mentioned here. There is indeed a noticeable honeysuckle note in Frost, along with a whole cavalcade of other notes. Frost opens green and bracing for me. There’s a sparkling bergamot note and a fir note that really gives me that fresh evergreen vibe. The blend of other notes prevent this from coming across as a Christmas-y evergreen, so it’s completely fine wearing this in the post-Christmas winter.

The opening of Frost mostly smells like the outdoors. It smells like fresh air and open countryside. This puts me in mind of Jane Austen novels where the local doctor often prescribes going to the countryside or to the seaside for a “change of air.” It’s good for the mind and the body. I get the honeysuckle and more of a floral bouquet around 3 hours into wear time. I get something slightly animalic underneath the florals, which makes the heart notes well-rounded and substantial.

As Frost wears, I get much more of the underbelly of the countryside, and a representation of the darker themes of To Earthward. There’s a cedar note that smells very true to real cedar. The clove note here is the richest clove I’ve smelled. Again, this is a true clove. The vetiver is definitely there, although my nose has a hard time specifically pinpointing it among so many other notes. What I sense most in the base, is a smoke note underpinning everything. It’s sort of distant and close at the same time, as though the next neighbor over has a bonfire going and the scent is wafting to your backyard.

The wood/spice/smoke accord gives Frost an Autumnal feel to me, which I find interesting. I feel this would wear well during all seasons. The sparkling citrus opening would play well in warm weather. I will have to save up my sample to try this out during spring weather. But there is something special about the name “Frost” and wearing it during winter. It just feels right.

I have now tried two of the offerings from St. Clair Scents, and, all I can say is, I want to smell more! I will sample their other two scents Gardner’s Glove and First Cut when I am able to, and I will definitely do a write-up here when I do! The house offers a 13 ml travel size bottle, so you don’t have to commit to the full bottle if you happen to love multiple scents. I will say that the full bottle price point is not cheap at $125 for 30 mls. On the other hand, the fragrances that I’ve smelled so far are extremely high quality, vibrant compositions, and long lasting. I’m at the point where I would rather give more of my money to independent and creative perfume houses, but it’s all a personal choice. Either way, St. Clair Scents is an independent house well worth seeking out and supporting.


I ordered my sample directly from St. Clair Scents. It arrived in this adorable matchbox-like packaging. The house offers a general sample pack as well as 2 ml individual samples of each fragrance, so there is plenty to choose from.

The info on notes is from St. Clair Scents.

The photo of my sample was taken by me.

6 thoughts on “Frost by St. Clair Scents

  1. Hooray! You got to try another one! Diane is an extraordinary Perfumer and in my top three of all time (the other two being Jessica September Buchanan and Laurie Erickson) Can’t wait to read your reviews when you get around to sampling First Cut and Gardener’s Glove. I wholeheartedly agree that our monies need to support talented indie perfumers.

    1. Brigitte, you are so quick with the post notifications now! 😄

      Yes, Diane is incredibly talented! I’m glad she decided to get into perfumery in addition to her farming. I’m sure that can’t be easy.

      I’m so excited to smell First Cut and Gardner’s Glove!

      And thank you for first mentioning St. Clair Scents to me!!

      1. Ha! it came in on my phone at work and I responded right away because it was a St Clair Scent-LOL!
        Not sure if you already know this but Diane makes high end artisanal butter too.

        1. Yes! I read the about section on the St. Clair page, which talks about her artisanal dairy products being featured restaurants, so cool. I do love butter! (Who doesn’t?!)

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