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Hi everyone! I’m back with another round-up of what I wore this past week:

  • Monday: Woody Mood by Olfactive Studio
  • Tuesday: Bas de Soie by Serge Lutens
  • Wednesday: Mon Numéro 10 by L’Artisan Parfumeur
  • Thursday: Wood Sage and Sea Salt by Jo Malone
  • Friday: Narciso Poudrée by Narciso Rodriguez
  • Saturday: Nirvana Bourbon by Elizabeth & James

The Elizabeth & James Bourbon is one in particular that I’ve wanted to wear more during this cold weather season, so I’m glad I got that in my rotation this week! I’m also trying to use up some samples thanks to Thunking Thursday, and that’s why I made the Narciso my scent of the day.

What did you all wear this week?

15 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. Beautiful choices , Caitlin!
    I went a bit crazy this week because a package came in from a dear friend filled with a multitude of decants and oils so I did LOTS of testing. I tested about 10 oils from Oil Perfumery (dupes of Kilians, Tom Ford, Amouge, etc). Also tested 02 and 05 from IUNX, eau de Cartier and eau de Cartier d’Ete, Serge Lutens L’Eau Froide, Atelier Mistral Patchouli, Prada Candy, Mui Mui and Mui Mui Blue, Mon Guerlain, Pink Manhattan, Devour, Unspoken, Enslaved, Berdoues Violettes, Meteorites, Iris Nobile, Mona di Orio Vanille, Bottega Venetta l’absolute, Cuir Cannage, Apres l’Ondee extrait de parfum, Frangipani and a whole lot more that I cannot even remember….I need to go back to Australian Perfume Junkies SOTD to see what else I wore…needless to say it was a very fragrant week for me!!!!

    1. Ok so I went back to look…get ready-LOL! Eau de Lierre, Paprika Brasil, Sens et Bois, the entire CSP sampler pack (on my fingers as I was running out of skin one night), DSH Kyphi & Cardamom (this one smells amazing on my husband!!!), Bvlgari Ashlemah (a gorgeous iris and lavender), Amor America (very fresh and will get great wear in the spring), Bruckner Aoud (powdery) and 31 Rue Cambon (my guess pre-reform EDT because the juice is dark)….I am sure I am missing some but this is all I reported on Australian Perfume Junkies!

      1. More beautiful choices here!

        I have to mention Eau de Lierre because I really like it and I think it gets completely overlooked. Glad to see it getting some love!

        And the 31 Rue Cambon EDT — how luxurious! Finding the original EDTs these days is like unearthing a gem.

    2. Brigitte, oh my goodness! I had to read this over a couple of times to process all the scents 😄

      This sounds like a heavenly week for you! Isn’t it so fun to get packages from other perfume friends?

      Perfumed oils is something I haven’t really gotten into. How did you find the oils? Interesting that they are dupes — did you like them?

      1. It was a very stressful week on both the work and the home front so I needed some extra aromatherapy! LOL!
        I wear a lot of essential oils anyway so I don’t mind wearing perfume oils…they sit close to the skin so they are nice for tight quarters and also in the evening. My friend included all of them in my package. I think they are called Oil Perfumery. They have a very large selection and I think they claim to be exactly like the scent they say. I will see if I can find a link.

        and yes, eau de Lierre is a gem!!! I love it! Perfect for channeling spring!

        1. Thank you for the link! This sounds really interesting. I like the idea of affordable dupes for Creed, Tom Ford, et al.

        2. I’m sorry that you had a stressful week! Hopefully this upcoming one will be better. ❤️ I definitely use fragrance for aromatherapy and as a mood-booster, so I understand why you went all in with the perfumes this week!

  2. So what did I wear this week … a mystery sample that was probably Gucci Bloom. Salvador Dali La Belle et L’Ocelot. Jean Patou Vacances, from the Heritage Collection.

    1. I love that you had the mystery sample this week! It adds some intrigue 😄

      Your Dali scent sounded delicious when you posted about it. I have never tried Vacances! I’m going to look it up now on fragrantica.

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