Now Sampling: Cire Trudon

For a candle lover like myself, it’s always fun when Cire Trudon releases their holiday candles for the year. For people not into candles, the brand has also released a fragrance line: Maison Trudon. It’s very true that Cire Trudon candles are a luxury (and very much at the luxury price point), but the quality is excellent. I wanted to sample a few of the new perfumes to see how the quality holds up.

Olim: When I saw Kevin of Now Smell This comparing Olim to Jicky, I knew I had to smell this one. It’s definitely a fougère, with sparkling bergamot and lavender top notes. I get a healthy dose of clove and patchouli in the mid-notes, so I would classify this as more earthy-spicy than Jicky. Olim has a powdery musk base, so it definitely has that animalic vibe. The absence of civet makes it a little more approachable than Jicky. Overall, Olim is delicious and worthy of a Jicky comparison.

II or Deux: This one is absolutely perfect for this time of year with notes of bitter orange and pine needles. This one almost makes me think of a festive ski lodge. It has that cool alpine snow feel to it. I’m curious how this would come across in warm weather. It might feel out of season, or it could be refreshing and cooling. I’m currently loving this one.

Mortel: Lots of black pepper mingling with incense here. I normally love a good pepper note, but it’s a little strong here for me. This is a really wearable incense if you don’t generally go for incense. And there is a gorgeous cedarwood note here in the base that makes me feel like I’m sitting in a church confessional! Again, this scent feels appropriate for this time of year, but it’s much more contemplative than festive. This is the one to wear if you’re in a serious or meditative mood.

Overall, the three I’ve sampled are beautiful compositions. I’d love to try more from the line and I’d love to purchase Olim if I could make it work with my budget. It will go on the ever-growing list.


Photo taken by me of the gorgeous Ciel candle released for this holiday and my three samples, which I ordered from Luckyscent.

4 thoughts on “Now Sampling: Cire Trudon

  1. This is not a line I am familiar with so thank you for reviewing! I am guessing that they might be a bit out of my price range.

    1. Yes, Cire Trudon definitely falls within a decadent price range! If you’re ever curious, Cire Trudon also own Carrière Frères, a more mid-range line of candles that is botanical or herbal based. I’ve been wanting to try their lavender and cedar candles!

  2. I saw those candles many times but since I’m not a huge candles fan (I mean, I like them but not prepared to pay too much for them yet), I’ve never even smelled them.
    If I see these perfumes at a store, I’ll definitely give them a sniff but I don’t want to actively look for these samples.

    1. The perfumes are definitely worth a try if you happen to see them in person! I absolutely love the candles, but I have a weak spot for gorgeous (and expensive!) candles.

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