Autumn Nostalgia and Burberry Brit


Is it me, or is this year flying by? I recently noticed I hadn’t posted here at all during the month of October and now we’re already into November! Some real Fall weather is setting in here, as the days are getting both colder and shorter. One reason I haven’t posted much lately is that I haven’t been trying many new scents. I’ve been wearing what I have in my collection, which is a good thing! Plus, sometimes, you just have to go with what the nose is craving and, for me, that’s been some old fragrance favorites.

With the arrival of November, the weather has taken a sharply cold turn this week, and there was even some snow in the forecast! (Which didn’t end up materializing.) This meant I was scrambling to dig out my earmuffs and gloves. I also found myself searching around in my closet for another cold weather accessory: Burberry Brit. I knew I had an old, well-loved 100 ml bottle stashed away and, sure enough, it was at the back of my closet, where I had stored it away from sunlight during the warmer months.

Burberry Brit is certainly not the most elegant or complex scent out there. It is essentially a vanilla scent, jazzed up by a fun lime top note and one of the most comforting almond notes I’ve come across. There’s a lovely woody note in the base to add depth, which I have always thought was cedar, but Fragrantica informs me is actually mahogany. The magic of Burberry Brit is that it’s both comforting and sweet, while not coming across as cloying or juvenile. I wore it into work today, and I could just as easily wear it out for dinner or drinks and be satisfied with my scent choice.

To my nose, Burberry has been infusing more of the floral peony note into recent formulations while amping up the vanilla to make the composition come across as more traditionally feminine. It is also now explicitly called Burberry Brit For Her. I find this really irritating, as the original formulation was perfectly unisex, and an utter classic for being so.

Burberry Brit was one of my signature scents throughout college, which likely contributes to my nostalgia for it now. Still, there is something about cold weather at this time of year that just makes this scent come alive. Sometimes you simply have to wear a personal classic. For me, that’s Burberry Brit.


Photo taken by me of my 100 ml bottle.

(Incidentally, Burberry has recently redesigned the bottle and the packaging as well.)

7 thoughts on “Autumn Nostalgia and Burberry Brit

  1. I agree..the last two months have flown by so quickly! I love Burberry Britt and drained about three full bottles of it years ago. I was also a fan of Britt Gold and Britt Red and sorry that they were limited editions and not in the regular line up.
    I am happy to see you back and do not mind at all if you post about nostalgic perfumes. I really do like reading about perfumes from the past. With so many new releases every year I think we lose sight of hidden gems from the past. And it is nice to read about something one has tried, worn and loved.

    Thanks for this review, Kaitlyn!

    PS I do remember their also being a pear note in Britt but I could be wrong.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like this year has just flown by! And now there are so many new fragrance releases. I tend to get fatigued from it all. Plus, it’s good for me to use up some of the bottles I already own. And occasionally to write about them!

      You’re right, there’s definitely a pear note in the original Brit! It’s actually sort of unique, with the zesty lime, pear, and almond notes. It’s fresh, but warm and cozy at the same time.

      1. It really is such a beautiful scent …and it sells for a song online…I should look into getting myself a bottle again!

        I hope you do more of these types of review…I am always curious about what is on others’ “perfume closet” and it is always nice to read a review about something someone loves enough to purchase a full bottle of.

        and apologies for misspelling your name…only excuse I have is that it was early in the morning when I commented!

        1. I’ve seen so many different spellings of Caitlin (Starbucks baristas always have funny spellings), don’t worry!

          I need to remember to do these types of write-ups about some old favorites, I’m sure us fragrance lovers all have some good ones! I sometimes get caught up with the beauty blogging hype where it feels like you always have to talk about the newest, shiniest release.

  2. Even if the perfume industry would have completely ceased production of perfumes, I believe each of us would have at least several-years-worth backlog of favorite perfumes to write about 😉

    I like Brit and even have a bottle of it. I should wear it again: I haven’t reached for it in years.

    1. You are so right! It would take us years to run out of perfumes to write about (and wear)!

      Brit is nice and it holds up well in my experience. It smells exactly like what I remember, which is comforting in a way.

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