Twilly d’Hermès


Notes: Ginger, tuberose, and sandalwood.

Twilly is yet another new launch from a storied fragrance house aimed at capturing a young audience. Compared with Chanel Gabrielle and Dior’s Poison Girl, I think Twilly is the most successful of this group. Twilly was of course composed by Hermès in-house perfumer, Christine Nagel, and it truly does smell like the younger sister counterpart to 2016’s Galop d’Hermès. The rose and leather of Galop were elegant and refined, whereas Twilly is just that little bit more approachable, both in terms of the notes and the price point.

Hermès officially lists only three notes for Twilly, although it is worth noting that Fragrantica adds bergamot, bitter orange, jasmine, and orange blossom to the Twilly pyramid. The ginger is definitely present as the main player in Twilly’s opening. I can sense a sparkling bergamot as well, but I really don’t get orange or other citrus notes here. Ginger really is the star. It’s spicy and effervescent, almost like a fizzy ginger ale. It’s a unique opening that definitely gets your attention.

The tuberose here is appropriate for a young wearer, so no weird facets here. It’s definitely a recognizable white floral, but the ginger lifts it. Tuberose can sometimes become overbearing as it develops on my skin, but it never does here. My nose can’t pick out jasmine on its own in this composition, but I can sense a touch of orange blossom. This is because Twilly takes on a soapy feel, but it’s soapy in a French way. That is, it doesn’t smell “clean” like so many American brands would try to project. Rather, it reminds me of the type of decorative soap you might come across in someone’s very fancy powder room. I have the impression of going to touch up my makeup in the ladies room at a very upscale hotel.

The tuberose blends seamlessly with the creamy sandalwood base note, and makes for a gorgeously smooth dry down. This is what I wanted from the Gabrielle dry down. This sandalwood has quite a bit of heft and depth to it. I have worn Twilly to work and while the ginger and tuberose wear off, I can still smell the sandalwood at the end of the work day. It’s definitely more of a skin scent, but it’s noticeably there.

I visited my old Sephora store during the recent sale and bought a 50 ml bottle of Twilly. Of my recent fragrance purchases, I am happiest with this one. I think Twilly is successful because, even though it’s aimed at a young audience, it doesn’t feel condescending or juvenile. The packaging is adorable and perfectly symbolizes the Hermès twilly scarves. I think the only criticism is that true perfume addicts may be looking for a more complex pyramid of notes. Personally, I think Twilly’s simplicity works because the ginger adds a touch of uniqueness. Overall, it’s a really lovely effort from Hermès.


Photo taken by me of my 50 ml bottle of Twilly.

Info on notes from Hermès.

8 thoughts on “Twilly d’Hermès

  1. Well I did not bat an eyelash when Twilly came out but now after your lovely review you have made me want to try it! I like ginger as a note and the bottle looks adorable. Do you know if it comes in a 30ml size? Also, nice to know that I can actually test it in person in Sephora.

    1. Yes, it also comes in a 30 ml size! I’m so glad Sephora is carrying this one in store. I didn’t care for the ginger/tuberose accord when I smelled it on the paper blotter. I decided to try it on the skin anyway, and the ginger totally came alive! I love when that happens.

      Let me know if you have the chance to give Twilly a sniff!

  2. I think I’m not young enough for this perfume 😉
    On a more serious note, I didn’t mind it when I tried it but with the size of my current collection I try to impose a new rule on anything I wear/plan to wear: I should be sure I would recognize this perfume. With Twilly I won’t: it is too similar to everything else. But we all like different perfumes, and it is great – it would have been boring otherwise. Congratulations on your new bottle!

    1. Undina, I’m sure you could pull it off! Thanks, it really is an adorable bottle. I’m happy with it.

      You always have excellent rules about making new purchases or expanding your collection!

      1. And what do you know – it doesn’t help! 🙂
        I still have more perfumes that are great for special occasions than I have those occasions and I find it hard to figure out what I can safely wear to the office and not be bored 😉

        I still think that 30 ml would have been even more adorable – bottle-wise. But 50 isn’t bad either. And Hermes knows how to make bottles (in addition to other things, I hurry to add).

        1. “what I can safely wear to the office and not be bored”

          This is the daily question! I wore Narciso Rodriguez For Her to the office today and I actually did find it a bit boring. I don’t want Narciso Rodriguez to become a bore for me, so I’ll have to switch it up for the rest of the week! Maybe some Serge Lutens?

          They had a 30 ml bottle out as a tester in store and it was truly adorable! Definitely a win on the packaging there for Hermès.

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