What I Wore Last Week

Hi, guys!

We all made it through another week. I hope you’re holding up well. It has been hot, hot, hot here! I still haven’t been leaving my apartment that often, but even just running out for errands makes you feel the heat. I’ve been wearing all sorts of summer scents to compensate.

  • Monday: Fig-Tea by Parfums de Nicolai
  • Tuesday: Eau de Campagne by Sisley
  • Wednesday: Capri Forget Me Not by Carthusia
  • Thursday: L’Occitane Verveine EDT
  • Friday: Eau de Campagne again
  • Saturday: Timbre EDP by Chris Rusak

What did you all wear?


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

6 thoughts on “What I Wore Last Week

  1. From my box of L’Artisan minatures… Lovely black and gold box.
    Monday Mure et Musc
    Tues La chasse aux papillons
    Wed Timbuktu
    Thurs Premier figuier
    Friday Mon numero 7
    These are the perfumes in the set

    Saturday Guerlain Teazzurra
    Sunday The Body Shop Swietenia

  2. My friend bought it for me either last Christmas or for my birthday, can’t remember which. See if you can find a pic of it. Box is lovely. Each little bottle is round and ffits into a space inside the box

        1. I found one pic on google with round bottles as you describe. Google also seemed to want to show me Diptyque mini coffret sets too even though I typed in L’Artisan!

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