Jo Malone Week

Hi, everyone!

Brigitte decided to do a fun Jo Malone week and I joined in with her. The only day I didn’t wear JM was on Saturday, when I wore Diptyque’s Do Son. It’s fun to do a theme week every once in awhile.

The Jo Malone theme made me realize that I miss having a bottle of Wood Sage & Sea Salt. I finished my 30 ml bottle a few months ago and haven’t repurchased. I definitely would have worn it this week if I still owned it. Maybe once lockdown starts to ease up, I’ll repurchase it as a little treat.

  • Monday: Honeysuckle & Davana
  • Tuesday: English Pear & Freesia
  • Wednesday: Geranium & Verbena
  • Thursday: Black Cedarwood & Juniper
  • Friday: Honeysuckle & Davana
  • Saturday: Diptyque Do Son EDT

The only JM bottle that I own but didn’t wear was Dark Amber & Ginger Lily. I just wasn’t in the mood for it this past week, but I’ll have to wear it sometime soon.


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

29 thoughts on “Jo Malone Week

    1. For me it depends on which one. I got amazing longevity from Honeysuckle & Davana, Jasmine Sambac& Marigold and Neroli& Basil. And my skin pretty much eats scents.

    2. Yes, the Eau de Cologne concentration definitely doesnโ€™t work for everyone. I get decent longevity from the JM scents I own though.

      I love Chypre Siam! Enjoy!

  1. Woo hoo!! Jo Malone week ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    Pomegranate Noire to finish the week
    But also wearing one spray of Brigitte which I will wear all week for my birthday week ( it’s on Wednesday).

    1. Pomegranate Noir never really worked on my skin but I always love smelling it on a tester strip. It reminds me of christmas time.

      Yay for birthday week!! ๐ŸŽ‰

  2. Oh, and Caitlin, forgot to say I love Juniper & Black Cedarwood because it reminds me of Berdoues Arz El Rab, a beautiful ginger, iris, cedarwood blend.

  3. As promised wearing Brigitte. Everytime I wear it I am reminded of how much I love this creamy lilac……so comforting….. maybe it’s the sandalwood in the base?

    1. A creamy lilac sounds beautiful. Yes, maybe sandalwood is contributing to that. Yummy!

      Itโ€™s actually sunny here today and I think I will put on some Magnolia Nobile.

  4. Iโ€™ve been all over the map, perfume-wise, for the past week, though mostly wearing the florals I love. Iโ€™m finding Iโ€™m not in the mood to try new things much right now, no doubt because of feeling somewhat unsettled. I quite like working from home, though, especially as that allows me to eat lunch with my husband and son, and pay more attention to exercise and my garden. It helps a lot that our weather has mostly been just beautiful. Maybe Iโ€™ll do a scent theme this week! By house? Note? Genre? What do you all think, o fragrant ones?

    1. I agree, Iโ€™m not sampling or testing new scents either. It doesnโ€™t really feel like the right time.

      I fully support a scented theme week! Maybe by note or genre?

  5. Changing things up with French Lime Blossom. Bought this bottle five years ago as a birthday gift to myself.

    1. And I don’t know why No Malone discontinued it. I would think it somewhat popular. It’s my favorite linden fragrance.

  6. Brigitte this morning. Will try to squeeze in a walking lunch. After will spray myself silly with Iris Nobile EDT. Had birthday key lime pie for breakfast ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

    1. Happy Birthday!!!! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‚ I hope itโ€™s fabulous! I hope youโ€™re still able to chat with friends and family in a socially distant way ๐Ÿ˜„

      1. Thank you!!!!
        It’s a long work from home day but I got many texts, emails and virtual cards this morning which was lovely.

        1. Oh and on Sunday I spent three hours on the phone with my childhood friend of 52 years. That was so lovely!! We gabbed about all the fun we used to have in the 1980s!! A lifetime ago LOL ๐Ÿคฃ

  7. Seventeen Google meets ( Skype) scheduled for today starting in about an hour. Might go for Flowerbomb.

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