What I Wore This Week

Hi, everyone!

Happy New Year! I’m sorry I haven’t been around sooner, but I’ve been down with a bout of the flu for the past week. It’s been pretty bad this year, but I’m finally on the mend.

I mostly haven’t been wearing anything in terms of fragrance, but the last couple of days I’ve felt well enough to wear a few spritzes of L’Eau Chic from Parfums de Nicolai. The light minty opening has been so refreshing and makes me feel just a little bit more energized.

I hope you all had a great holiday and fun new year! And hopefully next week I’ll be back with a full week’s worth of fragrance!


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

10 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. Eek!! Sorry to hear that you were ill.I hope with each passing day you start to feel better.
    At the onset of the week I did a ferocious amount of sampling because I was home. Back to work Thursday I wore Winter Woods and pretty much stuck with it.

    1. Thanks, Brigitte! I’m feeling a lot better today but am taking it slow so I don’t overdo it. I hope you’re staying healthy.

      Winter Woods sounds perfect right now 💜

    2. Nope!! Old brain remembered wrong! Went back to the SOTD thread on APJ. Wore vintage Shalimar EDC on back to work day then Winter Woods. Did a bit more testing over the weekend too LOL 😂

      1. Oh, vintage Shalimar EDC is the way to go back to work! I love it!

        Have you sampled anything interesting or of note? I haven’t tested anything since before Christmas and feel out of the loop.

        1. A lot of what I sampled smells similar to perfumes from my past so, while pleasant, nothing is a standout that makes me want to rush out and buy full bottles. I sampled four from the Indomenables ( spelling is wrong….and I am too lazy to look it up) and my favorite was Musc de Sables but it smells similar enough to Pure eVe of which I have a decant. I also got to try Blonde which was good ( I think you have a travel spray of that one?), Bee, Telegrama and the entire January Scent Project ( interesting line) , a huge amount of Memos, Etros, 4160 Tuesdays, Insensee Tiare and quite a few other 2019 releases but nothing was earth shattering to my nose. Just as well because I would like to wear and enjoy my full bottles and stop the chase, if that makes sense.

        2. I know exactly what you mean and I’m in a place where I’d also rather enjoy my collection than always be after the shiny new thing.

          I’ve seen raves about Musc de Sables but have not smelled it. I do love Blond. It’s just really appealing. JSP is an extremely interesting line. That’s what I’m looking for in samples these days — just something interesting or unexpected.

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I know that things are pretty bad when I don’t want to wear even comfort scents.
    Happy (and healthy) New Year, Caitlin!

    1. Yeah, the nausea was pretty bad with this flu bug. I couldn’t even wear my typical Jo Malone comfort scents.

      Thank you! A Happy New Year to you! I hope you’re staying healthy as well.

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