Aqua Allegoria Ginger Piccante by Guerlain

Notes: bergamot, lemon, ginger, pepper, rose, cedar, and white musk.

Ginger Piccante is my most recent purchase and addition to my collection. I initially tested it back in May and just picked it up when I was recently in New York. I like the Aqua Allegoria collection. It’s a great entry point to Guerlain if you aren’t familiar with the classics and don’t know where to start. Herba Fresca was one of my first full bottles about ten years ago and it definitely got me hooked on Guerlain.

Ginger Piccante opens with a zesty and uplifting citrus. To my nose, the opening is lemon. The bergamot comes in a bit later for me. The ginger really pops for me when sprayed on the skin. It smelled okay on a paper test strip, but it’s really lovely on the skin. It has a typical ginger zing to it, where it goes right through my olfactory system and really wakes me up like a jolt of caffeine. The ginger here also has some depth to it and some nice staying power. One disappointment I have with Hermès Twilly is that I’d love for the ginger to last longer on me. I don’t have that complaint here.

Ginger Piccante settles into a nice ginger/lemon/bergamot accord that is reminiscent of a tea scent. I was a little hesitant when I first noticed this similarity to tea. I tend to drink lemon ginger tea when I have a head cold and I didn’t necessarily want to associate a Guerlain scent with having a cold! Luckily, the composition is a really nice blend and the bergamot lends an Earl Grey vibe to it. As I said, the ginger has a depth to it. This means that it both elevates the composition (by adding some punchiness to the opening) and anchors it on the skin. The ginger lasts well in the heart of the composition for me.

I don’t sense much rose or floral accords here at all. I do get the black pepper as the scent starts drying down and the cedar wood makes itself known. I like black pepper and it adds a little kick just when you think the ginger spice has faded. The base is a dry cedar wood, which is right up my alley. I actually sense a little of the citrus notes popping back in at this point and blending with the cedar. It’s a really nice effect to bring the composition full circle.

As far as longevity, it performs like a typical EDT on me. I get around 5 – 6 hours of wear time. I’ve been wearing Ginger Piccante out to dinner in the evenings over the past couple of weeks, so I really don’t need longer than 5 hours of wear time. I’m excited to wear this one during the day a bit more as we transition to Autumn, as I think the composition will suit slightly cooler weather, too. Overall, I definitely recommend giving this a sample and a wear on the skin, if you can. It’s an interesting addition to the Aqua Allegoria range and I’m happy to have acquired it.


I bought my bottle at Saks. The kind Sales Associate included an adorable Aqua Allegoria sample set with it. The Aqua Allegoria bottles $105 for 125 mls each and I feel that’s great value for a Guerlain composition.

The list of notes is via Fragrantica.

The photo was taken by me.

6 thoughts on “Aqua Allegoria Ginger Piccante by Guerlain

  1. Oh this sounds lovely and right up my alley! I have limited experience with the AA line having only recently tested Vanille & Ylang. Growing up only the classics were available. I have always been intrigued by Winter Delice and have wanted to get my nose on Lavender Velours.
    You picked a beautiful bottle to pick up in the city!

    1. It really is a lovely!

      Guerlain definitely launched the AAs to reel in a younger crowd but, in general, I think they suit everyone. They’re not too sticky sweet or juvenile. I have wanted to smell Winter Délice too! Saks didn’t have it when I was there. They only seemed to have the most recent launches. Maybe I will try Bergdorfs next time.

    1. Ooh, which AAs do you have, Matty? Ginger Piccante is great. Especially if you like the AAs, I think you’d find this one interesting.

  2. Not being a huge Guerlain fan, usually I don’t pay too much attention to the AA line but I liked your description, and ginger proved to be one of the perfume notes that appeal to me, so I’ll give it a try once I see it at a store.
    Congratulations on your new bottle!

    1. I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on this one! Especially since you’re not a huge fan of the AAs. The spice gives GP a little more depth than some of the other scents in this range.

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