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Hi, everyone!

My round-up is a little bit different this week since I was traveling last week! I was in Coconut Grove, Miami. It was gorgeous and the weather was perfect: 75 degrees and sunny!

As you can see from the photo, I brought a travel spray of the Do Son EDT with me. The white floral really suited the mood and I reapplied in the evening for dinner and it was fine.

I also brought my travel sized Hendley Blond with me. Overall, I think Do Son suited the vibe and the weather better. But I did wear Blond my last evening there when the weather cooled down a little bit. The iris in Blond smelled more luminous and radiant in the warmer Miami weather. It tends to smell more dense and textured on me here in Pittsburgh.

I’m planning a New York trip in May and I think I’ll get a lot of Blond wear time for that trip!

Do you guys bring travel sizes or samples when you travel? Do you ever pack your full bottles? I only brought carry-on bags with me so I didn’t have the option of bringing larger bottles this time.

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  1. I cannot answer your question as I have not been on a proper vacation since 1997! But if I were to go in the future I would most definitely bring travel sizes and decants.
    I wore Casablanca at the onset of the week and lots of beachy scents at night..thunking the leftover decants that my eldest brought back with her from spring break so that I could sample and thunk them. Towards the end of the week I don’t even remember what I wore-LOL! I need to go check Australian Perfume Junkies where I post!
    Today I am wearing Noa and this will probably be my scent for a while…I bought a 100ml bottle on fragrancenet for around 20 dollars and it’s perfect for work because it’s pretty but not challenging…lots of folks complain at work if I wear things that are too challenging.

    When will you be in NY? NYC?

    1. Just checked…Bal d’Afrique, Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, Un Air de Bretagne, Acqua Motu, Acqua de Sale and Un Homme de Caron. My dear friend sent my eldest decants of all her “beachy” scents as they both share a love for them. My daughter wore them at university but was kind enough not to finish them so that I could get the final wear 🙂

      1. Oh, yummy choices! I really like Bal d’Afrique. I’ve tried so many others from Byredo but Bal d’Afrique is the only one that really sticks with me.

    2. Aww, well I hope you get to take a real vacation at some point in the future!

      Oh I love Noa. Excellent choice!

      I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be in NYC yet. I’m trying to coordinate the dates with my sister and a friend from college so that we can all get together. But it will be sometime in May.

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