What I Wore This Week

Hi, everyone! It’s Sunday again, so I’m here with my weekly round-up of my scents of the day. I’m slowly incorporating some spring favorites (Carven) while also sticking with some old classics (Coco).

  • Monday: Carven Le Parfum
  • Tuesday: Figue Amère by Miller Harris
  • Wednesday: Chanel Cristalle EDT
  • Thursday: Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone
  • Friday: Chanel Coco EDP
  • Saturday: Do Son by Diptyque

And just a note: I’m heading for a little spring break vacation this week, so I won’t have a blog post up until next Sunday. It will be a round-up of my travel scents!

6 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. I wore my customized scent Brigitte for the entire week!
    Hope you have a wonderful vacation!!!!!

      1. I have already finished half of the bottle (and it is supposed to be a birthday present and my birthday falls at the end of next month!). I am going to put it to the side and focus on my bottle of Casablanca this week.

  2. Last week I did a mimosa week, about which I hope to finish my post soon 🙂

    Coco and Jo Malone’s perfume are two of my favorites as well.

    I hope you’re enjoying your spring break.

    1. Thank you! My trip has been really nice — I’ll post about this weekend!

      I’m looking forward to your mimosa week post! I could use more scents with a mimosa note in my spring rotation.

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