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Do any of you ever pick out a special fragrance to wear on your birthday? It wasn’t a hard choice for me this year. Chanel No. 19 is one of my favorites. It was good enough to be named for Mademoiselle Chanel’s birthday, so it’s good enough for mine. Plus, it’s fine for the office, which is important since I’m at work today. I typically don’t save up my favorites to wear specifically on my birthday though, I usually just go with what I feel like!


Photo of questionable quality taken by me of my 100 ml EdT bottle.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Perfumes

  1. a very happy birthday to you!!!! even though you are working I hope you will be celebrating later or already had some festivities over the weekend.

    I usually go with the flow and wear whatever I want on my birthday which is pretty quiet overall as I am pretty low key 🙂

    and no 19 is lovely and , yes, perfect for office wear!

    1. Thank you my dearie! This was a shameless excuse for a post on my birthday, haha. But I am genuinely curious to hear what other people wear on their birthdays! Some people have special birthday outfits picked out, I’m sure some perfumistas have special scents picked out.

      And I think low keys birthdays are the way to go. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, dear Caitlin! No 19, one of my favorites as well, is a great birthday (or any other occasion) perfume! I wish you many happy, healthy and fragrant years.

    I have “special occasion” perfumes so for my birthday it’s always one of those. Since I always take a day off to celebrate it, I do not have to think about it being office-appropriate.

    It’s a funny coincidence: I remembered that I wrote at least once on my blog about my perfume “categorization,” and when I searched for it, I discovered that I did it as an introduction to the mini-review of the perfume that I happened to wear today. If you have time, you can take a look at that post.

    Once again – Happy Birthday!

  3. Hello, I love fresh scent, I heard this one is close to Mon Jasmin Noir from Bvlgari. do you mind sharing with me a picture of the bottom of the bottle? I would like to compare before purchasing I am not sure how to detect a fake one.

    1. Hi dear, sorry, but I don’t think No. 19 is similar to Mon Jasmin Noir at all, especially not the 19 EDT. Perhaps you are thinking of another Chanel?

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