Confetto by Profumum

confettoNotes: almond, anise, musk, amber, vanilla.

I seem to be very one-note lately, and I promise that one of these days I’ll write about something that isn’t a gourmand scent. For now, Profumum’s Confetto is a warm, delicious confection, and a very worthy entry into my personal favorite scent category: vanilla-based gourmands.

Confetto opens with a sugary effect that already feels rich and creamy in texture. It’s a bit like the milk left over in your cereal bowl, where it has absorbed all the sugar from your cereal. Except this couldn’t be classified as just a leftover, it’s truly yummy, and an appropriate opening to the main course.

Then the almond note kicks in and adds some nice interest and depth. The effect of the almond is to slightly dry out that rich opening, adding just a hint of bitterness. The main effect is that the heart of this fragrance is nowhere near as sugary as the initial opening. The other point of interest here is the anise. I’m used to anise from Jo Malone’s Vanilla & Anise but, in the case of Confetto, I think the anise interacts with the almond instead of the vanilla. The anise adds a licorice-like twist to the somewhat dry almond notes. It’s a clever touch, as the anise adds a different aspect to the composition, without tipping everything into overly-candied, overly-sugared territory.

I’ve described Confetto in very sweet terms, and you’re probably wondering how this could not smell like candy. I think it’s all in the way the vanilla is handled. I would compare it to Profumum’s other vanilla: Vanitas. That fragrance is a cold, fragile vanilla. The composition of Vanitas is fascinating, and it has some sharp edges to it that give me the impression of a piece of hard candy. Whereas all the edges have been sanded down in Confetto. This is an incredibly smooth perfume, with the musk and vanilla base giving off warmth you can luxuriate in.

I first tried Confetto over the summer, and found that the vanilla was quite intense in the heat. It took on a boozy aspect, similar to the bourbon vanilla of Diptyque’s Eau Duelle. Now in cold weather, I find that the almond note is more the focus of the fragrance. Maybe it’s that the cold weather allows the vanilla to calm down enough to let the almond come to the forefront.

Profumum runs quite pricey, but I think Confetto is appealing and very wearable. It’s definitely full-bottle-worthy for me (and I’m grateful that Christmas is coming up). The sweet aspect gives this fragrance a youthfulness, but I don’t think it’s juvenile. I think it could read as quite grown-up, especially during the musky vanilla dry down stages. Confetto is my number one go-to scent at the moment. It’s comfortable to wear, it’s been keeping me cozy in some record-breaking cold weather, and best of all, it’s delicious.


Profumum is a niche Italian fragrance line. It is available from Luckyscent in the US, which is where I obtained my sample.

Image is from Fragrantica, while info on notes is from Profumum’s official site.

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