Olibanum by Profumum

Notes: orange blossom, sandalwood, incense, and myrrh. I’ve tested several scents from Profumum over the years (and even written about some here and here). I have liked each and every scent I’ve tested. There doesn’t seem to be a dud in the bunch! Olibanum is yet another winner. The only problem is that Profumum Roma is … More Olibanum by Profumum

Sorriso by Profumum

Notes: dark chocolate, bitter orange, vanilla, and exotic woods. Sorriso means “smile” in Italian, which makes it a fitting name for this fragrance because dark chocolate is a reliable way to get me to smile. I definitely have a sweet tooth, both when it comes to food and when it comes to perfume. I love … More Sorriso by Profumum

Confetto by Profumum

Notes: almond, anise, musk, amber, vanilla. I seem to be very one-note lately, and I promise that one of these days I’ll write about something that isn’t a gourmand scent. For now, Profumum’s Confetto is a warm, delicious confection, and a very worthy entry into my personal favorite scent category: vanilla-based gourmands. Confetto opens with … More Confetto by Profumum