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I haven’t posted in a week, and it isn’t because I fell off the face of the internet. Rather, a freak change in weather has had me perplexed about what perfume to wear. It reached 85 degrees here yesterday, which is extremely unusual. I’m pretty sure that we were battling snow at this time last year. My clothing wardrobe and my fragrance wardrobe have been completely thrown off by this sudden heat. I’ve been digging around my stash of samples and bottles this week, and this is what I’ve come up with to wear:

L’Artisan Parfumeur; Timbuktu: This opens with a splash of sharp green mango, so sharp that it’s almost limey. I normally don’t go in for anything so evidently fruity, but the fruit is quickly balanced by a warm woodiness coming from the papyrus wood heartnote. I view this fragrance as a version of Un Jardin sur le Nil with a bit more oomph. The fruity green topnotes are sheer enough for warm weather, but the basenotes of wood, myrrh, and vetiver anchor this scent and ensure that it’s long-lasting. The wood gives off a strange kind of sweaty vibe in the drydown but, what can I say? Sweating L’Artisan appeals to me. I loved my sample so much, I sprung for a full bottle of this.

{Timbuktu: $100 for 50 ML, $145 for 100 ml}

HEELEY; Menthe Fraiche: As you might expect, this one begins with a blast of mint that’s so strong, it’s almost medicinal. Menthe Fraiche develops into quite the herbal composition, with notes of green tea and some bergamot creeping in. Again, no surprises, but this is quite a cool, icy scent. Once you know the name of this fragrance, it performs pretty much exactly as you’d expect. This is an incredibly refreshing mint with herbal undertones. Menthe Fraiche gives the sensation of  briefly cracking the freezer open on a warm day. I wore this one on St Patrick’s Day and it served me well all day.

{Menthe Fraiche: $136 for 100 ml}

Parfums de Nicolai; L’Eau Mixte: This offering definitely leans masculine, as the citrus is abrasive and astringent at first sniff, and remains detectible all throughout wear time. However, I love wearing it on truly hot days. Not every office building/shop/restaurant has turned on air conditioning yet, and this is the perfect fragrance to cut right through the humidity. There’s a fizzy effervescence here that’s really appealing. Jasmine and musk anchor this and keep it from smelling too much like a sparkling orange juice cocktail. I get around 6 hours of wear time out of this, which is quite good for a cologne.

{L’Eau Mixte: $45 for 30 ml, $115 for $100 ml}

All three of these fragrances are available from Luckyscent.

Do you change your fragrance wardrobe according to the season? What are some of your warm weather favorites?

Image: The Open Window, Collioure; Henri Matisse; 1905

12 thoughts on “Sunny Weather Fragrances

  1. The Timbuktu sounds lovely! Really refreshing.

    I go in for fruity now and then. There’s a Cartier that I like, Delices de Cartier, because it’s fruity. It’s the cherry, it’s heavy, but it dries down to something else. Almost a vanilla, I guess. It’s sweet, whatever it is. Perfect for summertime.

    I also wear Versace Versense, which is sort of unisex in its scent, but screams summer to me. It’s light and clean while still actually having a personality.

    1. Even though I don’t do much fruit, that Cartier sounds delicious. Cherry-vanilla sounds so appealing. I can see why it’s called Delices!

      ‘It’s light and clean while still actually having a personality.’

      Yup, that’s my idea of a perfect summer weather perfume!

  2. Warm weather favorites- Hadrien, Orange Sanguine, Cedrat Enivrant, Assam of India…you can see there is a theme here…I like citrus in the summer 🙂

    1. Citrus is perfect for warm weather! Orange Sanguine is one of the best citrus scents out there. For some reason I’ve never been much interested in Cedrat Enivrant, but I’ll have to give it another try since you like it so much! I’m also making a note on Assam of India, which I’ve never tried either.

      1. Assam of India is from the house of Berdoues. I got samples of the entire line from Bigelow Chemists. They were reasonably priced and shipping was freee. The Berdoues colognes are very well done in my humble opinion,long lasting, the bottles are beautiful as well as very affordable. Funny, but I did not fall hard for Cedrat initially but then after a few wearings I did! My sample was from Sephora and I love that Sephora gives you very generous samples and they are free 🙂

        1. I actually work in Fragrance at Sephora and I make a looot of samples! It’s fun, and obviously I know how important it is to sample a perfume first.

          The Berdoues Colognes sound amazing!

        2. I just realized that I gave you the wrong information…I bought my Berdoues samples from …although Bigelow Chemist does stock the Berdoues in full bottles I am not sure if they sell samples….smallflower sells lots of niche samples for great prices and the shipping is free on the samples which is great!

  3. Just as an aside Sephora now carries the Berdoues 🙂 Perfect for summer wearing! I will also recommend Vanira Moorea.

    1. Fantastic! I actually just started a new job so I’m not at Sephora anymore, but I can always pop in to my old store to see what new fragrances they have 🙂

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