By Kilian; A Taste of Heaven

Notes:  bergamot, orange blossom, absinthe, geranium, lavender, rose, costus, patchouli, oakmoss, amber, tonka bean, and vanilla.

It takes a certain kind of confidence to name a perfume A Taste of Heaven but, if any perfumer could tackle the challenge of bottling heaven, it’s the creative and thoughtful Kilian Hennessy.  According to this fragrance, Hennessy’s vision of heaven is a pleasantly weird absinthe-fueled fantasy. A Taste of Heaven takes you on a journey from the bracing opening note of cool lavender; to a lush and very green herbal garden; to a surprisingly cozy vanilla drydown. There’s a funny sort of fizzy quality to a Taste of Heaven that leaves me with the (not unwelcome) sensation of drinking an absinthe flavored cream soda.

Best of all, this fragrance lasts and lasts (easily 10 hours) on my skin, giving me the opportunity to revel in this weird lavender/absinthe creation for as long as I like. This was the first By Kilian scent I tried (and it was actually the first sample I ever ordered!) and it was a great introduction to the line. This fragrance is an odd one (not everyone wants  to smell like absinthe) but I wouldn’t say it’s an intimidating fragrance. It’s potent, but not a scent that will scare anyone away. I see it as easily unisex–although others may disagree because of that lavender!

I own the travel bottle of A Taste of Heaven, which is not quite as luxurious as the full bottle, but is still lovely. The bottlecap is magnetized so it pops back on in the right place every time. Three refills are included in addition to the travel bottle, so you get quite a lot of juice out of it. I recommend going this route if you’re not quite ready to drop $200+ on a bottle of perfume.

The bottom line is, A Taste of Heaven is a delicious fragrance. It evokes a heavenly fantasy that is utterly unique. If you’ve got some disposable cash and want to indulge yourself, you can hardly do better than By Kilian.

By Kilian; A Taste of Heaven: $225 for 50 ml // $135 travel set.  Samples are available from both Luckyscent and The Perfumed Court.

And I can’t let this write-up go without posting a picture of Kilian Hennessy himself.

No further comment necessary.

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  1. I think I would like this one, too. All the notes sound wonderful and the variety of scents from beginning to end sound like a dreamlike journey. Definitely putting this on my list, as well.

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