What I Wore Last Week

Hi, everyone!

And what a week it was. Spending multiple days watching the votes being counted was a long and stressful process. Fortunately we now have some relief and good news in the end!

I wore plenty of No. 19 to try and stay cool and calm. I think it worked! Here’s the full round-up:

  • Monday: Burberry Brit
  • Tuesday: Bath & Body Works In the Stars
  • Wednesday: Chris Rusak Timbre EDP
  • Thursday & Friday: Chanel No. 19 EDT
  • Saturday: No. 19 EDP

What did you all wear?


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

6 thoughts on “What I Wore Last Week

  1. Mon Dune
    Tues Infusions Iris Prada
    Wed YSL Paris
    Thurs Guerlain L’Insant
    fri Marc Jacobs Dot
    Sat Habanita
    Today Dior Dolce Vita

    1. Excellent! Lots of great designer classics here. You’ve reminded me to wear L’Instant more often, an underrated one from Guerlain 💛

      1. I’m a Guerlain Girly ( Girly stretching it a bit far but you know what I mean ) L’Instant is a particular favourite.

        1. Guerlain Girly has a nice ring to it! 😄 I will wear some of my Guerlains week! I get too into my Chanels and overlook my other designer scents.

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