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Hi, everyone! Here is my Sunday scent round-up post. We had the first snowfall of the season this week, so I incorporated some of my winter favorites into my rotation. Mon Numéro 10 and the Volutes EDT are perfect for cozy, snowy days. Perfumistas like to talk about our favorites for Fall, but I do appreciate my winter scents, too.

  • Monday: Bas de Soie by Serge Lutens
  • Tuesday: Mon Numéro 10 by L’Artisan Parfumeur
  • Wednesday: Burberry Brit
  • Thursday: Honeysuckle & Davana by Jo Malone
  • Friday: Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone
  • Saturday: Diptyque Volutes EDT

What did you all wear this week?


The photo was taken by me. Nothing in this post was gifted.

7 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. Monday was a holiday so my mom came up from the city and we went shopping. While in Marshall’s she sprayed me with Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. She liked it so much on me that she bought me the 100 ml bottle…..cheap as chips for $14. So that’s what I wore all week! It’s such a mood elevating fragrance!
    Yesterday and today I wore the decant of Tom Ford Amber Absolute that my girlfriend sent me as it’s one of her favorite ambers. It smells a lot like Eden Botanical Labdanum absolute which I love.

    1. So nice that your mom was able to visit and smell some perfumes! Fragrance at Marshall’s/TJ Maxx is such a crap shoot but, when you find something good, it’s really a gem 💚

      I actually don’t think I’ve ever smelled Elizabeth Arden Green Tea but I’ll keep an eye out for it now.

  2. I’ve been doing a lot of gardening (mostly planting bulbs) so not wearing as much fragrance as usual, but my husband and I finally went to see the Downton Abbey movie, and I wore Jicky EDT to put me in the right frame of mind!

    1. I saw the Downton movie a couple of weeks ago! I forget what I wore to it but I think it was a Jo Malone. Jicky is definitely the perfect choice for it!

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