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This post is different from my typical Wednesday break-down of one fragrance in particular. I’m feeling inspired by Colognoisseur’s post Am I An Influencer? on the topic. And I think the topic of influencers is something that’s been going around on social media lately in general.

I started this blog in 2012 when blogging was still the popular thing to do. Youtube was still a niche hobbyist activity. I remember watching some early makeup tutorials from Lisa Eldridge and the Pixiwoo sisters around 2011 – 2012. Being a youtube “content creator” wasn’t a job and I’m not sure if you could even monetize videos back then.

The landscape has changed so quickly. I haven’t always kept up with my blog posts here on a regular schedule, just due to work or personal life commitments. Although, part of it was that I could sense the shift away from blogging. Everything moved to youtube and instagram. I will be honest, at times, I felt like my blog was too irrelevant to keep updating, even just for my own pleasure. (I do still keep up with reading a couple of the OG beauty blogs, like Temptalia and The Beauty Look Book, so blogging is not completely dead!)

I’ve decided to lean into blogging here because I enjoy writing and I enjoy perfume. Writing out detailed analysis of different scents helps me work through my own thoughts. And I think it’s important to look through a critical lens, even towards a subject you love. There are so many fragrance releases these days — it would be impossible to blindly love everything! (I think we can also be critical of this crazy volume of launches and releases that we’re dealing with. It’s far too much and not sustainable.)

I also love the community here on wordpress with fellow perfume bloggers. The community on instagram is different. People make sponsored posts and do not always disclose the relationship, or only show photos of bottles they’ve been gifted without indicating that it was gifted. I’m not inherently against sponsorships or being gifted PR items. I just wish more people would be completely upfront about what they’ve been given. Right now on instagram, you almost have to do a little bit of detective work and look beneath the surface to figure out what you’re really looking at. An ad should be more straightforward than that.

If I were trying to be an influencer, I’d be doing a pretty bad job of it! I don’t think I’ve ever influenced anyone, which is just fine with me. I’m a blogger, a writer, and a perfume enthusiast. I will continue to keep up with instagram, but make an effort to not get caught up with the number of likes and followers, etc. The numbers and metrics aren’t the important factors for me. Connecting over scent is what matters to me.


Thank you all for reading my writing week in and week out!

The photo was taken by me. It’s my travel spray of Do Son set against an editorial from the Chanel Spring/Summer 2019 magazine. Chanel sends me their seasonal magazines (they are clear: it’s not a catalog!) because I tend to purchase quite a bit of makeup and fragrance from the brand!

14 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Bloggers & Influencers

  1. I am happy that you continue to write posts as I don’t do Instagram. There are less and less blogs out there and even fewer with nice and welcoming bloggers and readers so I am grateful for This Side of Perfume.

    1. Oh, blog comment sections can be the absolute worst! Luckily, wordpress weeds out the spam and I can moderate comments, so it should always be civil here!

      I’m grateful that you and others continue to comment on my posts — it makes for a nice conversation!

      1. I also have to add that I really appreciate that your blog is solely about perfume… controversial subjects which is refreshing as it isn’t always easy to escape on social media.

        1. This blog is my escape too! We all see so many upsetting stories now on facebook and twitter and the news. There’s no need to bring it to the blog here. I think this post is about as controversial as I get!

  2. I found your post encouraging! I myself would rather write and read blogs than watch videos. To each their own, I suppose, but I wish there was room for everyone, instead of everyone rushing to the Next Big Thing. (I speak as someone who still uses punctuation in texts.)

    1. Likewise, I feel encouraged by your comments and positive response! It can feel a bit thankless to maintain a blog these days when so many people only seem interested in the shiny new thing. But I really think long-form blog posts are what I’m best at. And I think it must be quite difficult to actually make it as a successful influencer. I don’t have the energy to keep track of my blog numbers and views, etc. I’m much happier to reply to comments like this, so thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. There are definitely huge changes going on, flames of blogs are slowly going down while youtube audiences for fragrance are growing bigger. I wonder if it’s because it’s easier to watch a video rather than read a review? In my opinion videos lack that trigger that makes you wonder about the scent when you read its description. Words fire up imagination more, don’t they?

    1. I agree, I prefer to read reviews and articles in general. It’s funny that everyone has flocked to video because I find it more inconvenient to stop what I’m doing a watch a video review. It’s easier for me to read a review or a blog post on my break from work. I’m still subscribed to some people on youtube, but I wait to watch new videos until I’m at home. I guess it’s just a personal preference!

    2. The first time I ever saw a perfume review on Youtube, I thought, What is the point of this? I don’t want to hear someone saying, “Um, I think this is really good.” I want to read polished thoughts.

      1. Haha, speaking about fragrance and writing about it really are two different things!

        Ami Loves Perfume is the only perfume person on youtube I still subscribe to. She seems lovely and has a true appreciation for fragrance.

  4. I’m with you on YouTube being less convenient for me as a “consumer” of the information: I can’t watch it while eating my lunch at my desk or sitting at Starbucks (I rarely use headphones in general, and wouldn’t want to do it for the sake of a 5-min viewing of perfume reviews). But at least I understand how people who make videos can bu influential. But I cannot understand how people can be influenced by the prettiest picture of perfume bottle on Instagram. Once every couple of weeks (it should tell you something about my Instagram use 🙂 ) I go through as much as I can in the feed there, but all it inspires me to is, probably, try and take better pictures myself. Visiting places others have been to? Probably. Buy yet one more lipstick shade that only I might be able to tell from the other 5 I have in a very similar color – maybe. Eat that type of food (or just eat something 😉 ) – definitely! But perfumes… I don’t see it happening. But maybe it’s just me, a person who prefers “printed” words as a “user” and contributes them as a “producer.”

    My blog is purely for my personal pleasure of talking to people who come to comment on my posts. Rarely I write something hoping that my post would come up in a search by a random person, and it’ll provide them with the information that would influence their decision, but those are mostly pieces that discuss something in general – not buying blind or thoroughly tested; brands that release small bottles; etc. The majority of what I publish is not for the “public consumption” but rather a discussion starter at a semi-private club.

    I’m glad that you keep blogging. And I should say that your weekly roundups of perfumes you wore inspire me not to shy away from taking pictures of perfumes I’ve previously taken pictures of or writing about those that I’ve previously covered on my blog (not that anyone would remember! 🙂 ). So, see – you are an influencer!

    1. I’m happy to truly influence you! Oh my goodness, it’s too funny!

      With my weekly round-up posts, I realized that, at some point, it would be impossible to constantly post photos of new scents! I genuinely enjoy wearing No. 19 and various Jo Malone scents multiple times per month — I might as well embrace it! It’s a reflection of my perfume reality. And I find it helpful to see everything laid out visually in terms of what I’m wearing and what I’m not.

      I have no idea how “influential” an instagram post actually is. There are some makeup influencers who seem to be truly successful and make a lot of money from it, but I have no clue how it actually works. I agree that instagram mainly makes me hungry — perhaps we simply enjoy photos of food!

      I like the way you envision your blog as a discussion for a semi-private club. That’s a perfect description of the wordpress perfume community!

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