What I Wore This Week

Happy Sunday, everyone! I’m back with my usual round-up of my scents of the day from this past week. We’re still in that tough transition from winter to spring weather. I was able to wear Magnolia Nobile this week, which is one of my favorite spring scents. I expect that one to start making more appearances as the weather finally warms up!

  • Monday: Paris – Venise Les Eaux de Chanel
  • Tuesday: I am One of the Deep Secrets of Nature by Graanmarkt 13
  • Wednesday: Dear Polly by Vilhelm Parfumerie
  • Thursday: Chanel Cristalle EDT
  • Friday: Magnolia Nobile by Acqua di Parma
  • Saturday: Twilly d’Hermès

What did you all wear this week?

10 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. Your Tuesday scent has an interesting name! I am going to have to look that one up!
    We had a nice warm up on Friday but now it is cold again. I am really dying to wear my spring scents too!

    I wore Brigitte a lot this week but also did a massive amount of sampling and finishing up samples as well. Of the top of my head: Caron Pour Homme, Niki de Saint Phalle, Tobacco Rose, Angelique, Bal d’Afrique, Santal Nabataea, Heart of Darkness, Sedona Sweetgrass, Vetieanne, Lemon Sorbet, Etro Musk and probably a few more that I just can’t remember!

    Today is eau de Lierre because it’s perfectly green for St Patrick’s Day.

    1. very little information on I Am One of the Deep Secrets of Nature but I did find out that Lyn Harris was the perfumer and the notes sound really good.

      1. Yes, it’s a Lyn Harris creation! Apparently Graanmarkt 13 is a Belgian brand with a restaurant and storefront in Antwerp. It seems sort of hipster-European. Anyway, Barney’s carries the fragrance here in the US, which is how I can across it. I ended up buying the travel size last year! It’s a lovely lavender/patchouli accord on me. I can definitely smell the Lyn Harris connection.

    2. It’s freezing here again today also! I have to reassess what scent I want to wear today because it’s so chilly.

      Some excellent choices this week! That’s great that you’ve managed to finish or thunk so many! Eau de Lierre is perfect for today. And I’m glad you’re still getting a lot of wear out of Brigitte!

      1. Much to my surprise Brigitte has turned into a massive love. I think part of it is the timing. It has a good amount of creamy lilac to my nose and it’s perfect as I am yearning for spring and I always associate lilacs with spring. Plus, it’s so easy to wear to work.

  2. Today i wore Champs Lunaires by Rogue Perfumery. I am not much into BigWhiteFlorals, but this is nice, if you only dab it. Its a big one. I tested Dear Polly and liked it, but not the price tag…

    1. I like BigWhiteFlorals but my skin chemistry doesn’t always like them! It sounds like a good idea to dab it.

      I got the Dear Polly travel size. The price is much more reasonable and I prefer the travel bottles to the full size Vilhelm Parfumerie bottles.

  3. I love seeing pictures of your weekly roundups. I was all over the place with my perfume wearing last week: from Amouage (catching up on the remaining cooler days to wear it) to testing a new (for me) linden scent (Linde Berlin).
    I see we have similar tastes in Chanel 🙂

    1. I just looked up Linde Berlin. It sounds perfect for spring!

      I keep trying to branch out from wearing so much Chanel, but here we are. 😄 If I own it, I might as well wear it!

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