What I Wore This Week

I’m back with my weekly scent of the day round-up! It was very warm at the beginning of last week and then the temperature plummeted again, so I tried to adjust my SOTD accordingly.

  • Monday: Clementine California by Atelier Cologne
  • Tuesday: Chanel No. 5 L’Eau
  • Wednesday: Magnolia Nobile by Acqua di Parma
  • Thursday: Chanel No. 19 EDT
  • Friday: Mon Numéro 10 by L’Artisan Parfumeur
  • Saturday: YSL Cinéma

This will post will be going up while I’m at yoga class. The yoga studio I go to has this white tea and ginger aromatherapy oil that smells amazing, so hopefully that will be my scent of the morning! Other than that, I will be test wearing some samples this afternoon.

What have you all been wearing this week?

9 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. I am now wearing Tellus, which smells like earthy patchouli on a slightly skanky base. Some think it is unwearable, but i don’t think so

    1. Ah, I’ve read very different opinions about Tellus! I haven’t sniffed it for myself, but you’ve made me curious! It’s nice to hear that you think it’s wearable because I’ve definitely read some comments on fragrantica that say otherwise.

  2. Spend the bulk of the week in Paprika Brasil but the end of the week switched over to Nocturnes (Caron). Also did some more sampling (Fum Perfumery, Boyd’s of Texas and my own experimentation of making very small decants of Eau de Mervielles and adding single essential oils to each one…lavender, frankincense, patchouli, neroli and sandalwood thus far…I liked them all)

  3. You know I also forgot about my very vintage decant that came in the mail on Thursday…. Houbigant le parfum ideale circa 1920…. original release date was 1896…. loved it and wore it Friday as well.

      1. A good online perfum friend of mine who also got a decant says it smells like decay and stale body powder on herself…so I took it to work and had a good friend who I am a very bad influence on perfume wise sniff it on me and she said “oh that smells like YOU…soft, powdery and feminine” That really made my day! it’s funny how different noses perceive fragrances so dramatically differently depending on the memories associated with a certain scent

        1. That’s amazing — I love hearing different perceptions of the same scent. I’m glad it works for your body chemistry and your style!

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