What I Wore This Week

Here is my round-up of what I wore this week!

  • Monday: Woody Mood by Olfactive Studio
  • Tuesday: Lumiere by DSH Perfumes
  • Wednesday: Bas de Soie by Serge Lutens
  • Thursday: Chanel No. 5 EDP
  • Friday & Saturday: Mon Numero 10 by L’Artisan Parfumeur

What are you all wearing in the run up to Christmas?

5 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week

  1. How did you like the Lumiere?
    I polished off some of my daughter’s evaporated small decants from Bon Perfumery..001,102, 202, 203, 401 and 701. The idea is to blend them. I also wore Winter Woods. I am finishing off the week in Casablanca and will probably wear it for the holidays. At night I wore Solstice Scent Estate Vetiver and Laro Kulfi. And every night my Nubian Heritage Raw Shea butter which is a perfume unto itself.

    1. I love Lumière! I’m always on a quest for the perfect coffee scent and this one comes close. I love the dark boozy spiciness to it, as opposed to the sweetness of other coffee scents like Bond New Haarlem.

      I haven’t tried anything from Bon Perfumery but it sounds fun to layer them!

      Casablanca is perfect for the holidays! Enjoy wearing it!!

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