Festive Fragrances

Happy December, everyone! We made it to the last month of the year.

Yesterday, I made a post on instagram about my three favorite perfumes to wear this time of year. I think of them as my festive fragrances. As you can see, the scents are:

  • Mon Numero 10 by L’Artisan Parfumeur
  • Plum Japonais by Tom Ford Private Blend
  • Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens

I have previously written about these three here on the blog. They are all within the same genre, and they all bring some sparkle and brightness to a time of year where we don’t have much daylight.

What are your favorite scents to wear around this time of year?

15 thoughts on “Festive Fragrances

  1. I usually reach for gourmands this time of year but lately I have been craving greens and woods and fougeres…in rotation are Eau de Lierre, Paprika Brasil (which is a woody iris on my skin) and First Cut. I will bring out my Pacifica Mexican Cocoa as we get closer to the end of the month.

    1. And forgot to mention oils and lotions! Really enjoying Fir Balsam from Eden Botanicals as well as their Labdanum 10 % which I use all over my body…it’s dry and smoky and not your sweet amber. I am also obsessed with Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter with Frankincense and Myrrh …it smells sweet, nutty and fresh…so good! Wish it came in an EDT!

      1. The Nubian Heritage sounds delicious!! I’ve been using good old Vanicream on my dry skin since the beginning of November. I’m thinking of ordering Tauer’s Amber Flush body oil as it sounds particularly yummy right now. I’ll look into Eden Botanicals and Nubian Heritage as well!

    2. You are inspiring me to dig out my fougères! I don’t usually wear them this time of year but lavender and green scents sound lovely right now.

      1. Have you tried First Cut? It’s a gorgeous fougere from a one woman indie house- St. Clair Scents (as an aside she also makes high end artisanal butter and lives on a farm in Vermont with her cows). I am equally as obsessed with her new release, Casablanca, a 50 percent concentration extrait that is to die for….so gorgeous! I have but a sample but one spray is all I need so I will be wearing that one as well.

        1. I have not, but I’m googling St. Clair right now! It looks like I have some sampling to do! This looks like such a fun indie brand, thanks for mentioning it! (And who doesn’t love butter?!)

        2. I’m just replying again to say that I ordered samples of Frost and Casablanca from St. Clair Scents! Thank you for recommending it — I’m so excited to explore this house!

  2. I haven’t switched over from autumn to winter yet, as our weather still feels more like fall, so I’m wearing VCA’s Automne a lot, and Adam Levine for Her, and L’Artisan’s Oeillet Sauvage at night because it’s cozy. Now that it’s Advent, though, I’m getting excited to break out some more wintry and holiday scents! Bond No. 9’s I Love New York for Holidays will probably come out soon.

    1. That’s interesting that it still feels like Fall for you! It was a very cold November here but, somehow, today it’s in the sixties!

      I Love New York for Holidays is something I’ve wanted to try but my Nordstrom stopped carrying Bond in store (I think they’re gone from Nordstrom as a whole). I hope you enjoy wearing it! It’s fun to have certain scents just for the holidays.

        1. Me too! Lately they’ve had some surprises — a few Miller Harris scents have been the latest sightings. In London, at their sister chain TK Maxx, I’ve found L’Artisan and Serge Lutens!

  3. For almost a week I’ve been planning to slow down and go through my perfume wardrobe to identify perfumes I usually put mentally into the “Christmas” category (not as in the particular holiday but the whole season) – and for almost a week I barely have time to pick up some perfume in the morning to put on. I’ve just finished working (again! and it’s after the midnight), so not today again 🙂 But Fille en Aiguilles is definitely one of them. And Ineke Idylwild. I’ll find some time over the weekend and will come up with the rest.

    1. Oh my goodness! Will things slow down for you at work soon? I hope you can get some downtime for yourself (and your perfumes) over the weekend! Fille en Aiguilles is absolutely delicious this time of year!

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